The Rise and Fall of The Nation of Israel

Important People

Birth of Samuel

1105 B.C.

Prophet of Israel. Advised King Saul and anointed David as King.

Important Events

Solomon Builds the Temple

966 B.C.

The Kingdom of Israel Divides

931 B.C.

The Fall of Israel

722 B.C.

The capital of Israel, Samaria, fell into the hands of Assyria.

The Fall of Judah

586 B.C.

The capital of Judah, Jerusalem, fell to the Babylonians.

Kings of Israel

Saul is Made King of Israel

1051 B.C.

First King of Israel.
Good: Fought against Philistines and Amalekites.
Bad: Didn't trust God or Samuel's leadership. Did not respect God's holiness. Put faith in man.

David is Made King of Israel

1005 B.C.

Rose up as king of Israel after being a prominent military leader.
Good: "A man after God's own heart", Brought the Ark back to Jerusalem, Dominated militarily, good religious example, respected God and His commands and holiness, line of Jesus
Bad: Bathsheba event and all ensuing incidents, began to trust might instead of God

Solomon Becomes King of Israel

971 B.C.

Son of David.
Good: Began rule as God-fearing. Wisely sought God. Built the temple.
Bad: Became greedy and wrapped up in worldly possessions. Hundreds of concubines.

Jeroboam I Rules Over Israel

931 B.C. - 910 B.C.

First king of the divided nation of Israel.
Good: Kept a lot of political reforms from Solomon's period
Bad: Rebellious against Solomon, worshiped false Gods.

Nadab Rules Over Israel

910 B.C. - 909 B.C.

Son of Jeroboam I

Baasha Rules Over Israel

909 B.C. - 886 B.C.

Bad: Sinful, fought against Israel

Elah Rules Over Israel

886 B.C. - 885 B.C.

Killed during a drunken orgy.

Omri Rules Over Israel

885 B.C. - 874 B.C.

Builds Samaria.
Good: Successful as a warrior.
Bad: Did not follow the covenant.

Zimri Rules Over Israel

885 B.C.

Rules for 7 days.

Ahab Rules Over Israel

874 B.C. - 853 B.C.

Interacted much with Elijah and Elisha.
Bad: Wicked and sinful. Worshiped other gods. Married Jezebel as a political move. Did not listen to prophets.

Ahaziah Rules Over Israel

853 B.C. - 852 B.C.

Son of Ahab, followed in his evil ways.
Bad: Moabites rebelled against him.

Joram Rules Over Israel

852 B.C. - 841 B.C.

Bad king that followed in the ways of Ahab.

Jehu Rules Over Israel

841 B.C. - 814 B.C.

Good: Got rid of Jehoram and Jezebel. Severed alliances with Judah and Phoenicia.

Jehoahaz Rules Over Israel

814 B.C. - 798 B.C.

Jehoash Rules Over Israel

798 B.C. - 782 B.C.

Wicked king of Israel.
Good: Respected Elisha
Bad: Worshiped false gods.

Jeroboam II Rules Over Israel

782 B.C. - 752 B.C.

Good: Good king militarily
Bad: Led Israel into materialism and selfishness.

Menahem Rules Over Israel

752 B.C. - 742 B.C.

Violent and Oppressive king.

Shallum Rules Over Israel

752 B.C.

Rules for 1 month.

Zechariah Rules Over Israel

752 B.C.

Ruled for 6 months.

Pekahiah Rules Over Israel

742 B.C. - 740 B.C.

Continued in the sins of Jeroboam.

Pekah Rules Over Israel

740 B.C. - 732 B.C.

Military leader that rose to kingship through violence.

Hoshea Rules Over Israel

732 B.C. - 722 B.C.

Last king of Israel. Drove Israel into the ground and fell to the Assyrians.

Kings of Judah

Rehoboam Rules Over Judah

931 B.C. - 913 B.C.

First king of a divided Judah.

Abijah Rules Over Judah

913 B.C. - 911 B.C.

Waged war against Israel.

Asa Rules Over Judah

911 B.C. - 873 B.C.

Good: Fought against idolatry and was a great military leader.

Jehoshaphat Rules Over Judah

873 B.C. - 853 B.C.

Good: Destroyed false gods and immorality, taught people the Old Testament law.

Jehoram Rules over Judah

853 B.C. - 841 B.C.

Bad king that abandoned YHWH and the law.

Ahaziah Rules Over Judah

841 B.C.

Brought back false idols into Judah

Athaliah Rules Over Judah

841 B.C. - 835 B.C.

Established Baal worship in Judah.

Joash Rules Over Judah

835 B.C. - 796 B.C.

Worshiped false gods and led Judah to Aramean oppression

Amaziah Rules Over Judah

796 B.C. - 790 B.C.

Bad king that worshiped false gods.
Bad: Fought against Israel.

Uzziah Rules Over Judah

790 B.C. - 750 B.C.

Fell away from the Lord and offered false worship in the temple. Was struck with leprosy as a result.

Jotham Rules Over Judah

750 B.C. - 743 B.C.

Fairly good king.
Good: Rebuilt the temple walls and defenses, defeated Ammonites in battle.
Bad: Did not have affect the people spiritually.

Ahaz Rules Over Judah

743 B.C. - 727 B.C.

Bad king.
Bad: Gave himself up to a life of wickedness, introducing many pagan and idolatrous customs.

Hezekiah Rules Over Judah

727 B.C. - 695 B.C.

Restored the worship of YHWH in Judah

Manasseh Rules Over Judah

695 B.C. - 642 B.C.

Did exactly the opposite of Hezekiah. Reinstated pagan worship and reversed religious reforms in Judah.

Amon Rules Over Judah

642 B.C. - 640 B.C.

Instituted idolatrous worship which eventually led to a rebellion and his assassination.

Josiah Rules Over Juah

640 B.C. - 609 B.C.

One of the best kings of Judah.
Good: Brought back the book of the Law and read it to the people, instituted religious reform, destroyed idols, returned the Ark to the temple.

Jehoiakim Rules Over Judah

609 B.C. - 598 B.C.

Opposed the work of the prophets.

Jehoahaz Rules Over Judah

609 B.C.

Rules for 3 months.

Jehoiachin Rules Over Judah

598 B.C. - 597 B.C.

Brought on Babylonian oppression.

Zedekiah Rules Over Judah

597 B.C. - 586 B.C.

Last king of Judah before its fall into exile at the hands of the Babylonians.