CCOT Mediterranean

Savannah & Shanell's CCOT Essay Timeline of The Mediterranean


The Start and End Of Greece

7000 B.C.E - 30 B.C.E

Ancient Greece became progressing techonogolically around the 5th century They invented streets such as the Porta Rosa (400 BC), cranes used to build larger buldings (515 BC), Staircase (480-470 B.CE), Central Heating (350 B.CE), Astroble (300 B.C.E), Lighthouse (3rd B.C)

Neolthic Era

4000 B.C - 2200 B.C

Olypmic Games Established

776 B.C - Present Day

Created by Anicent Greece

Start and End of Roman Republic

509 B.C - 27 B.C

The Greco-Persian War

499 B.C - 449 B.C

Cyrus the Great leading the Perisan empire to attack Sparta, Athen defeated the Perisans but years later came to war with Sparta and they surrendered known as the Pelopessian War

The Peloponnesian War

431 B.C - 404 B.C

The War between the major city states of the Greek Empire, Athens and Sparta. There are three phrases to the battle.

The Start and Fall Of The Western Rome

27 BC - 476 CE

Classical Era

200 C.E - 700 C.E

The Great Schism (East-West Schism)

1054 C.E - Present Day