APWH CCOT Timeline, East Asia, Tcheser and Lesley


Start of the Neolithic Revolution

10000 bc - 1000 bc

Development of farming in the Middle East and parts of Asia (especially East Asia)

Domestication of sheep, pigs, goats, cattle

8500 bc - 6500 bc

Introduction of silk weaving in China

8000 bc

Transition of agriculture

8000 bc

Agriculture begins to evolve and improves greatly

Early Japanese settlement

5000 bc

Rice Farming in Japan

1000 BCE

Later Zhou kingdom; beginning of China's classical period

770 bce - 403 bce

Great Wall of China Built

220 bc - 206 bc

Initial Han dynasty; technical developments

202 bc - 9 ce

Japan still using stone tools and living by hunting, fishing and gathering

200 BCE

Later Han dynasty; invention of paper and compass

23 ce - 220 ce

First Invention of paper

105 CE

Chang Heng invents seismograph

132 ce

Introduction of ox-drawn plow, horse collar, water mill