Articles of Confederation to Constitution


Articles of Confederation Created

November 15, 1777

The Articles of Confederation was created because they needed some form of government. They created it so the government was weak and the states got most of the power because they just got out under British rule.

Articles of Confederation is Signed

July 9, 1778

On July 1778 the prepared copy of the articles was ready so they dated it and began the signing it.

Articles of Confederation Ratified

March 1, 1781

The Articles of Confederation was ratified and became the ruling document of the new nation.

Shays' Rebellion

August 1786 - June 1787

In Massachusetts, there was an armed uprising and was named after one of the rebel leaders, Daniel Shays. They rebelled because of crushing debt and heavy taxation on the farmers. On February 1787 after a surprise attack in Sheffield 30 rebels were wounded in a skirmish with government troops. This convinced the Articles of Confederation needed a stronger government.

Annapolis Convention

September 1786

At the request of Virginia this meeting of the states aimed to improve the government. Only 12 delegates came so they called a second meeting in May 1787.

Constitutional Convention In Philadelphia

May 25, 1787

This was to discuss changing the Articles of Confederation at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Constitution is Written

September 1787

Final version of the constitution is written and taken up at the Convention's final session. A committee of five was appointed to write the constitution.

Constitution is Signed

September 17, 1787

The constitution was signed by 38 out of 41 delegates present. There was an argument over signing it between the federalists and the anti-federalists. The anti-federalists wanted to add things to the constitution which the federalist agreed to except for the slave issue.

US Constitution is Ratified

September 13, 1788

Two parties developed during the convention, the federalists and the anti-federalists. They soon came to an agreement and the constitution was ratified.

US Constitution Officially Replaces Articles of Confederation

March 4, 1789