The Great Gatsby Timeline


Gatsby is born


James Gatz is born in North Dakota.
Significance: the entire story revolves around Gatsby.

Nick Carraway is born


Since Nick is 30 in 1922, ("I'm thirty, five years too old to lie" - chapter 9) he was born in 1892.

The Spanish-American war breaks out over territories in Cuba


Daisy Fay is born


Daisy was 18 when she met Gatsby in 1917, so Daisy was born in 1899.

Dan Cody, Gatsby's mentor, buys his yacht and begins his ten year trek.


"Ella Kaye, the newspaper woman, played Madame de Maintenon to his weakness and sent him to sea in a yacht, were common knowledge to the turgid sub-journalism of 1902." (Chapter 6)

Gatsby joins Cody in Girl Bay and sails the seas.


At the age of 17, Gatsby joins Cody in Girl Bay and sails the seas with him for five years.
"He had been coasting along all too hospitable shores for five years when he turned up as James Gatz's destiny in Little Girl Bay."(chapter 6)

Dan Cody dies.


"The arrangement lasted five years…….one night in Boston and a week later Dan Cody inhospitably died."(chapter 6)

World War I begins.


Nick Carraway graduates from New Haven.


Nick Carraway graduates from New Haven (Yale University) at the age of 23.
"I graduated from New Haven in 1915" (chapter 1) and since he was born in 1892, in 1915 he is 23.

World War I start


The United States of America enters World War I, and Jay Gatsby fights for his country.

Daisy and Gatsby meet in Louisville

August 1917

Daisy is 18 and Gatsby is 27 at that time.
"Her white roadster was beside the curb, and she was sitting in it with a lieutenant I had never seen before….His name was Jay Gatsby."
"The largest of the lawns belonged to Daisy Fay's house. She was just eighteen."(chapter 4)
and since Gatsby was 17 in 1907, he is 27 in 1917.

Jordan meets Gatsby

October 1917

Meyer Wolfsheim fixes the 1919 World's Series.


"Meyer Wolfsheim? No, he's a gambler. He's the man who fixed the World's Series back in 1919." (chapter 4)

Alcohol is prohibited


The 18th amendment of the constitution is ratified, prohibiting the sale of liquor.

Jay Gatsby meets his future partner, Meyer Wolfsheim.


"I remember when I first met him, a young major just out of the army." (chapter 9)

Daisy's presumed engagement

February 1919

Daisy marries Tom Buchanan

June 1919

Gatsby and Daisy meet again

August 01, 1922

The reporter comes to investigate Gatsby

August 03,1922

Tom goes to Gatsby's house

August 25,1922

The final trip to New York

August 31, 1922

Gatsby's death

September 01,1922

The main time period of the book in which most of it takes place. Jay Gatsby dies at the age of 32.

The Funeral

September 06, 1922

Nick tells the story of Gatsby


Nick Carraway, (with help from F. Scott Fitzgerald) tells the reader the story of The Great Gatsby.
"After two years, I remember the rest of that day." (chapter 9)