A Trio of Twentieth Century American Chamber Operas


Classical Period

1750 - 1830

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

January 27, 1756 - December 5, 1791

An Austrian composer, Mozart worked mainly in Vienna. His claim to fame is his command of musical form and the universal nature of his music.


Romantic Period

1830 - 1920

Douglas Moore

August 10, 1893 - July 25, 1969

American, Moore worked mainly in Cleveland. His claim to fame is through his two operas, The Devil and Daniel Webster, from 1938 and The Ballad of Baby Doe.


Gian Carlo Menotti

July 7, 1911 - February 1, 2007

An Italian-American Composer, Menotti worked mainly in the US. His claim to fame are his numerous Operas.


Post-War Period

1920 - Present

Peter Schickele

July 17, 1935 - Present

Peter Schickele is an American composer, based mainly in the USA. His claim to fame are his numerous Parody works, which are incredibly amusing.