Collin Roberts



February 11, 1995

I was born in Fayetteville, AR

Pre-school in Fayetteville, AR

1997 - 1999

I attended Montessori in Fayetteville, AR.

Moved to Farmington, AR

October, 1999 - July, 2000

Moved back to Fayetteville

December, 2000

Brother born

November 6, 2001

Moved to Bentonville, AR

March, 2002


2003 - 2007

I played all sports including basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. I won twice in football and 3 times in basketball.

North Carolina Vacation

July 2007

Visited North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Duke's campus and gym.

Junior High Basketball

2008 - 2009

California vacation

July, 2009

I attended a Adidas Phenom basketball camp in San Diego, California

High School

August, 2009

Florida Vacation

July 2011

First Car

December 2011

Attended PCCA

August 2012


March 2013