100 Days of Genocide

The Rwandan genocide was caused by a power struggle between the two dominant tribes in both Rwanda and Burundi. The Hutu and the Tutsi. They had been massacring each other in those two countries for a long time after independance and a civil war between the two groups had been going on in the early 1990 but In 1994, the Hutu Rwandan president was killed when his plane exploded mid-flight. Angry Hutus where angry and decieded to attack the Tutsi’s.Over a period of 3 months(100 days), over 800,000 Tutsis and some of their Hutu allies were killed. Millions of Tutsis left to the Congo, Uganda or Burundi. A Tutsi rebel group, the RPF began an offensive to win back Rwand.


Presidents Died

April 6 ,1994

President Habyarimana and Burundian President Cyprien Ntaryamira are killed when the Rwandan leader's plane is shot down as it is about to land at Kigali Airport

Systematic killing begins


-The Rwandan armed forces and Interahamwe militia begin a systematic killing of Tutsis and moderate Hutus.
- UN forces are n willing to come inbetween
-10 UN peacemakers dead.

Rwanda Patroic Front


The Tutsi Rwandan Patriotic front launches a major offense to end the killings and rescue 600 troops located in Kigali under the Arusha Accords.

Genocide strikes BIG


-estimates of tens of thousands have been slaughtered.
-UN soldiers protecting 2,000 Tutsis at a school are ordered to withdraw to Kigali airport
-Most are dead after leaving

Events 1

04/14/1994 - 04/15/1994

-Belgium withdraws its troops from the UN peacekeeping force in Rwanda.
-Slaughter of thousands of Tutsis gathered at Nyarubuye Church seeking protection

Finally Genocide

04/21/1994 - 04/30/1994

-The UN cuts forces in Rwanda by 90% to just 270 troops.
-estimates of dead could now number over 100,000.
- The UN agrees that Rwanda is undergoing a 'genocide'.
- Refugees flee to Burandi , Tanza and Zaire

Mid May

05/01/1994 - 05/15/1994

estimates that 500,000 Rwandans have been killed.

Events 2


-large amount of acts of genocide have been committed.
-500 troops sent with new powers to defend civilians
- disagreements between the US and UN over the financing of the operation



RPF forces gain control of the Kigali airport and Kanombe barracks they extend their control over the northern and eastern parts of Rwanda.

"Safe area"


-the UN authorises an emergency force of 2,500 French troops under Operation Turquoise to create a 'safe' area.
-The killing of Tutsis continues in the 'safe' area despite the presence of the French.


07/13/1994 - 07/14/1994

-Refugees fleeing in north-western
-Rwanda flood into Zaire.
-10,000-12,000 refugees per hour cross the border into the town of Goma.
- massive influx creates a severe humanitarian crisis, as there is an acute lack of shelter, food and water.


  • announces that the war is over
  • declares a cease-fire and names Pastor Bizimungu as president -Faustin Twagiramungu as prime minister