Battles of WWII


The Battle of Dunrick

May 1940

900 British boats set sail to save 340 000 soliders across the English Channel

The Battle of the Britian

July 10, 1940

German aircraft attacked British ships in the English Channel. British air force had limited planes and didnt stand a chance to Germany. Britian found out Germanys tactics and starting bombing. On September 15, 1000 bombers and 700 German aircraft flew over London in a daylight raid. They could not take over the English Channel

Hilter mastered Europe

July 14, 1940

Nazis invaded Paris, France. Three days later forced the French to sign the surrender in the same railcar at Compiègne that Germany had accepted defreat in 1918. Hitler was master of Europe.

The Invasion of Russia

June 22, 1941

Germany invaded the Soviet Union. The Sovient army lost a lot of men, but with the advantage of the harsh winter climate, they fought back hard and won. The German army were not prepared for the weather and therefore lost control on the war.

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

Japan did not declare war therefore the attack was a surprise. Two hours of Japanese war planes bombed Hawaii. Nothing was left of the island and children, woem and men were all killed.

Invasion of Hong Kong

December 7, 1941

Few hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan invaded Hong Kong. Canadian soliders were ordered to go to Hong Kong by Mackenzie King, days before the invasion. All canadian soliders were either taken prisioner or killed. Japan destroyed Hong Kong's air craft docks, military barracks, gun emplacments and five RAF airplanes. There was no help from anywhere, including the sea. Christmas day , Hong Kong surrendered, everyone who hadnt died, would soon.