Ancient Egypt

Major Events

The earliest settlers came to the Nile Valley.

3500 B.C.

The Egyptian civilization began when King Menes found the first Egypt dynasty.

3100 B.C.

Upper and Lower Egypt were unified.

3100 B.C.

A hieroglyphic script was developed.

3100 B.C.

1st Dynasty kings buried in first royal tombs at Abydos.

3000 B.C. - 2890 B.C.

Irrigation increased farmland, people worshiped the sun.

3000 B.C.

The capital at Memphis was founded.

2920 B.C. - 2900 B.C.

Writing was used by the government.

2920 B.C. - 2770 B.C.

Papyrus was Invented.

2770 B.C.

The first stone pyramid was built.

2700 B.C.

The pyramids of Giza were erected.

2600 B.C.

Pyramid texts describe Osiris.

2375 B.C. - 2345 B.C.

Various kings ruled Ancient Egypt.

2200 B.C.

Capital moved to Thebes - Egypt is reunited by Mentuhotep II.

2134 B.C. - 2000 B.C.

Earliest evidence of diagnostic medicine found.

1700 B.C.

War between Thebes and Asiatic ruler.

1560 B.C.

Mummification techniques improved

1069 B.C. - 1043 B.C.

Egyptian Civil War

1069 B.C.

The Persians ruled egypt. They were pushed out in 404 B.C.

525 B.C. - 404 B.C.

Persians invade Egypt

525 B.C.

Alexander the Great invades Egypt

332 B.C.

Alexandria is founded

331 B.C.

The Temple of Isis was built on the island of Philae in the Nile River.

300 B.C.

Egyptian hieroglyphic writing is no longer used, people didn't understand them.

395 A.D. - 641 A.D.

Egypt conquered by Muslin Arabs

641 A.D.

Rosetta Stone helps Jean Francois Chompollion break the hieroglyphic code.

1822 A.D.