Breena Bocik

Events Leading to the Civil War


Compromise of 1850

July 6, 1850

Its was 5 bills that dealt with slavery. It was important because it tried to partially fix the issue of slavery.

Uncle Tom's Cabin

March 20, 1852

It was a book that showed how slavery split families up. It made the North hate slavery so much more.

Bleeding Kansas

1854 - 1861

This was violent confrontations of people who are anti-slavery
and people who are pro-slavery. This made slavery an important concept for politicians.

Kansas Nebraska Act

May 30, 1854

This stated that Kansas and Nebraska can become states
and use popular sovereignty. This made popular sovereignty
more popular.

Formation of the Republican Party

July 6, 1854

The Republican Party was people who did not like the Kansas
Nebraska Act. It made America politics a two party system.

The Dred Scott Decision

March 6, 1857

The decision was that the federal government had no
power to regulate slavery in the territories. This maddened
the North because they couldn't do much to stop the spread of slavery when it was still legal.

Lecompton Crisis

December 1857

The people in Kansas had to choose between a constitution
with or without slavery. This angered the Congress and
made them think about the down side to popular sovereignty.

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

August 1858 - October 1858

In these debates, Lincoln gained respect as a political figure and Douglas ruined his reputation as a political
figure. This is important because with the free-port
doctrine that Douglas talked about made him loose the election of 1860.

John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry

October 16,1859 - October 18, 1859

John Brown and his followers captured many civilians in Harpers Ferry and he hoped that the slave
population would help him( they did not). This is
important because it made a bigger wedge between
the North and the South.

Abraham Lincoln's Election

March 4, 1860

Lincoln became president of the United States. Because
of him becoming president instead of Douglas, the south
did not secceed as early as they originally were going to.

Secession of the South

December 24, 1860

This creates the confederate states of America. The secession
starts the Civil War.