Battles of the Civil War: 1861- 1865


Battle at Fort Sumter

Apr 12 1861 - Apr 14 1861

Location: Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
Union forced to surrender and evacuate.

First Battle of Bull Run(First Manassas)

Jul 21 1861

Location: Virginia
Thomas J. Jackson earns the name 'Stonewall' and causes the Union army to flee back to Washington.

Fort Henry

Feb 4 1862 - Feb 6 1862

Location: west Tennessee
Grant attacked Ft. Henry as it was being attacked by naval forces led by Andrew Hull Foote. This victory opened up the Tennesse and Cumberland rivers to the Union.

Fort Donelson

Feb 11 1862 - Feb 16 1862

Location: Stewart County, Tennessee
Fort is forced to surrender- great victory for Grant.

Monitor and Merrimack (The Battle of Hampton Roads)

Mar 8 1862 - Mar 9 1862

Location: Hampton Roads, Virginia
The CSS Virginia(Merrimack) ironclad sunk the Cumberland, forced the USS Congress to surrender, began attacking the USS Minnesota when USS Monitor appeared- after hours of fire battle ended in a draw.

Battle of Shiloh

Apr 6 1862 - Apr 7 1862

Location: Hardin County, Tennessee
Confederate soldiers under Gen. Albert Sydney Johnson attacked the Union troops under Ulysses S. Grant in surprise. Gen. Johnson killed. Union out numbered the Confederates and launched a counter attack, forcing them to retire from the field. Bloodiest battle in US history at the time with 23,000 casualties.

Seven Days Campaign(The Battle of Seven Days)

May 31 1862 - Jun 1 1862

Location: Near Richmond, Virginia
Gen. Lee attacks the Union under Gen. McClellan in a new era of offensive battle. Forces Union to evacuate.

Second Battle of Bull Run (Second Manassas)

Aug 28 1862 - Aug 30 1862

Location: Price William County, Virginia
Gen. Robert E. Lee(cofederate) vs. Maj. Gen. John Pope (Union) Much larger scale than first manssas, after huge casualties to both sides Union forces retreat to Centreville.

Battle of Antietam (Battle of Sharpsburg)

Sept 16 1862 - Sept 18 1862

Location: Near Sharpsburg, Maryland.
First major battle to take place on Union soil. Bloodiest day in US history.
Maj. Gen. Meclellan (union) follows Gen. Lee into Maryland and launches a surprise attack. Counter attack weakened Union forces and they failed to destroy Lee's army, but prevented him from taking Maryland.


Dec 11 1862 - Dec 15 1862

Location: Fredricksburg, Virginia
Burnside sent troops to Falmouth- Lee entrenched army on the heights behind town. Crossed river and briefly broke line, but eventually Union had to retreat.

The Battle of Vicksburg (The Siege of Vicksburg)

May 18 1863 - Jul 4 1863

Location: Warren County, Mississippi
Maj. Gen. Grant converged on Vicksburg with Lt. Gen. John Pemberton's army inside. Surrendered-Confederacy split in half.


Jul 1 1863 - Jul 3 1863

Location: Around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Largest number of casualties in the Civil War.
Lee centered troops around Gettysburg. But failed to break through the Union's defense. Ended Lee's invasion of the North.

Grant's War of Attrition

Mar 1864 - Apr 9 1865

Followed Lee's army, slowly weakening it until they were forced to surrender, leading the Union to victory.

Battle of Westport (The Gettysburg of the West)

Oct 21 1864 - Oct 23 1864

Location: Modern Kansas City, Missouri
Union forces under Maj. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis outnumbered and defeated Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. Sterling Price. Last major battle in Missouri and west of the Mississippi.

Sherman's March to Sea (the Savannah Campain)

Nov 15 1864 - Dec 21 1864

Broke ties with the Union marched 50,000 men from Atlanta(burns) to Savannah, destroying everything in their paths. Gets Lincoln the city of Savannah for Christmas.

Appomattox Courthouse

Apr 9 1865

Lee tries to make one last attempt- surrounded on tree sides and surrenders. Final battle of the war in Virginia.

The Fall of Richmond

Aug 29 1865 - Aug 30 1865

Location: Richmond, Virginia
Confederate capital moved to Richmond, Virginia. Lee has held off Union troops for 10 months at Petersburg and finally decides to surrender Richmond and Petersburg. Danville, Virginia named new Confederate capital.