Chapter 7

Lesson 1

The American crisis

Dec. 1776 - Jan. 1777

Crossing the Delaware

Dec. 25 1776 - Dec. 26 1776

Battle of Saratoga

Oct. 1777 - Nov 1777

Series f conflicts that led to the surrender is know as this battle. Had two different consequence. While Benedict Arnold was recovering from his wound, he marries a woman who was a loyalist. Over time Arnold came to feel that congress had not rewarded him enough for his heroic actions at Saratoga and other battles. Influenced by his bitterness and his wife, he betrayed his army. In 1780, he agreed to turn over and America fort to the British. Although his plot was discovered before he fold carry it out. He escaped. Even today, the name Benedict Arnold is used to mean traitor.

Lesson 2

Valley Forge

Dec 1777 - 1778

Worst snow. Soldiers were barefoot, many didn't have cloths. They aren't battling they are setting up for summers battles

Lesson 3

British head south

1778 - 1780

Close to supplies

Guerrilla warfare


Francis Marion

Charlestown captured


5:00am surrender

York town


Corn walls