The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Civilization


Mayan Civilization Begins

2600 BCE

Farming system is developed in village

2000 BC

Writing system is developed in Meso-America

700 BCE

The earliest known solar calendar is carved

400 BCE

Maya develop hiearchal system ruled by Nobles and Kings

300 BCE

The central hub for the Maya, Teotihuacan, is founded

100 BCE

The city of Cerros is built

50 BCE

Teotihuacan dominates Maya highlands

400 AD

Tikal Construction

500 AD - 869 AD

Unknown events destroy civilization at Teotihuacan

600 AD

Quarrels arise between rulers, and inner state trade comes to a hault

751 AD

Tikal consturction stops

869 AD

Tikal is abandoned

899 AD

The Classic Era of the Maya ends

900 AD