Virus Timeline


Melissa Virus

March 26, 1999

Created by David L Smith and spread through email messages.


May 5, 2000

A self-replicating worm that infected coputer systems and damaged and replaced files.

Code Red and Code Red 2

July 13, 2001

Used the DDos attack and overflowed systems.

Nimda (admin backwards)

September 18, 2001

Attacked servers and was published to bring Internet trafic to a crawl.

The Klez Virus

October 25, 2001

A worm that infected a computer through the user's emaila dn then sent itself out to the victim's address book. Acted many different ways.

SQL Slammer/Sapphire

January 25, 2003

A web server virus that surprise attacked many hug companies and brought their websites down.


January 26, 2004

Was a Dos threat that caused a lot of grief to big companies.