The Hot Zone timeline


Charles Monet explores Kitum Cave with a friend on New Years Day

January 1980

January 15th, 1980- Charles Monet dies of Marburg in Nairobi Hospital

January 1980

Nancy Jaax has a an Ebola Scare

September 1983

While working with the agent, she is nearly exposed to the virus. Luckily, she had one layer left before the open wound on her hand came in contact with the contaminated blood.

Peter Cardinal dies of Marburg shortly after exploring Kitum Cave

August 1987

The Kitum Cave expedition begins, and ends a bust.


A shipment of monkeys arrives at Reston Monkey House

October 1989

Bill Volt informs Dan Delgard that the shipment of monkeys is dying

November 1989

Dan Delgard dissects monkeys after many unexpected deaths

november 10 1989 - november 12 1989

Dan Delgard contacts the USARIID, believing the virus to be SHF

November 13 1989

Tom Geisbert and Peter Jahrling smell an unknown substance

November 17 1989

The unknown substance is identified as Ebola Zaire

November 27 1989

Arguments over the virus' nature occur at the mission meeting

November 29 1989

The mission of eliminating ebola from the Reston Monkey Center begins

december 1 1989

The Monkey House falls into the army's hands

December 4 1989

All life is eradicated from the Monkey House

December 18 1989

Ebola Reston is added as a member to the filovirus family


Ebola Reston reappears in the Monkey House

January 1990

CDC sets stricter laws on monkey imports

March 1990

Richard Preston ventures into Kitum Cave for himself


The Hot Zone was Published

January 1994