Main Level

The Fall of Rome

  • In the year 476 A.D. the city that was once all mighty and powerful fell to the ground. This led to the beginning of the middle ages in Europe

A Great King Dies


Clovis who was once the ruler of the Franks passes away. Since this happened his empire was divided into four between his sons

A New Emporer


Justinian I becomes Byzantine emperor. He then declares his wife Theodora empress. Together they will rule for a very long time

A Wonderful Creation


The Hagia Sophia one of the most beautiful churches of all time completed in the year 537 and dedicated in Constantinople

The Byzantines have Silk!!


The great Byzantine emperor Justinian I introduces silk production in Europe after smuggling silkworms out of China



King Chosroes of Persia dies after 48 year reign. Durning his reign he reestablished the Persian power from Red Sea to Oxus River

The Hijra


Muhammad forced to flee Mecca for Medina. Muhammad then becomes basis for Islamic tradition of the Hijra

An Assassination


The great Sassanid King Yazdegerd III was assassinated.This led to the end of Sassanid Dynasty in Persia



Umayyad forces forced to lift siege of Constantinople after decisive naval defeat at the battle of Syllaeum

The Hammer


Charles "the Hammer" Martel becomes Mayor of the Palace in the Frankish kingdom which is located in Austrasia

The Hammer at His Best


Charles "the hammer" Martel leads his Frankish Army to the city of Tours and defeats the Umayyad army at the battle of Tours

The Hammer's Son


Charles "the Hammer" Martel's son Pepin the Short becomes king of the Franks. Pepin then Founded the Carolingian Dynasty

Shortie's Son


Pepin the Short dies. He leaves his Frankish empire to his two sons Charles and Carloman. Charles (Charlemagne) kills his brother and takes over his fathers empire

Rome's New Emporer


After helping Rome succeed durning a battle, Pope Leo III crowns Charlemagne Emperor of the Romans

Money Money Money


The Tang emperor begins to issue paper currency in China. This helps China by allowing people to make money instead of Grains

A Tragic Death


Charlemagne one of the worlds greatest emperors dies and his son from his second marriage Louis I takes over the empire



Due to all of the fighting between the brothers over who will obtain their grandfather's empire, the Treaty of Verdun permanently splits Charlemagne's empire into three

No More Franks


Due to the death of the final ruler Charles III the Frankish empire collapses and an Independent kingdom of Burgundy is established

Holy Roman Empire


Otto I is crowned the Holy Roman emperor by Pope John XII which then leads to the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire

The City of Water


The city of Venice which is located in the northern part of Italy gains its independence from Byzantine Empire

Excommunicate Everybody


Pope Leo IX and the Patriarch of Constantinople excommunicate each other which is the final step in the Great Schism between the Catholic and Orthodox churches

William the Conqueror


William the Conqueror defeats Harold at the battle of Hastings which allows the people from Normandy or Normans to conquer England

Gone Like the Wind


Pope Urban II expels the antipope Clement III from Rome or completely kicks him out of the holy city of Rome

England's New King


Henry of Anjou becomes king of England Henry becomes the first Plantagenet king of England and beginning of the Angevin empire

Someone Can't Swim


Emperor Frederick I drowns while crossing the Saleph River and the German crusader army disintegrates

France's Victory


Philip II of France decisively defeats Emperor Otto IV at battle of Bouvines and Confirms the French conquest of Normandy and other English territories

English Parliament


English barons force Henry III to agree to the Provisions of Oxford, which call for the meeting of parliament at three-year intervals



Marco Polo returns from China and writes about everything that he has seen. People don't believe him because he didn't write about some key essentials

Death is Everywhere


Bubonic plague first arrives in Europe. This disease completely wipes out 1/3 of the European population

Conquering like a Boss


Ottoman army under Murad I defeats Serbian army at the battle of Kosovo and the Ottoman Empire conquers Serbia, which is located in western Russia

Another Assassination


John the Fearless who happens to be the Duke of Burgundy was assassinated by servants of the Dauphin Charles

Turks and French


Turks capture Constantinople and end the Byzantine Empire and the French army defeats English at Castillon; End of English presence in Aquitaine

Killing in Switzerland


Charles the Bold killed in Switzerland. All of the Burgundian territories that he captured over the years were divided between French and Habsburgs

CC in America


Christopher Columbus a great explorer finally reaches South America in hope to find spices. Little does he known there is going to be a lot of blood shedding.