A Time To Kill


Tanya Hailey Raped

May 15 1984

A young girl was raped by Billy Ray Cobb and Pete Willard. They tied her up, beat, urinated on, and attempted to murder her.

Carl Lee visits Cat Bruster

May 18 1984

Cat and Carl Lee fought in Vietnam together. Cat, now a pimp, has lead a life of crime. That's why Carl Lee went to see Cat when he needed the M16, and Cat supplied it.

Carl Lee Hailey kills Billy Ray Cobb and Pete Willard

May 20 1984

Carl Lee Hailey killed Billy Ray Cobb and Pete Willard at the courthouse after their bail hearing. Hailey also shot Detective Looney by accident in the process. Carl Lee was arrested later that day at his home.

Ku Klux Klan becomes involved in the Hailey Case

May 23 1984

Billy Ray's brother contacts the upper-Mississippi Klan. He explains the rapes and murders, and the Klan is outraged. They organize a chapter in Clanton, made up of the Cobb cousins.

Jury selection for the next 4 months

May 31 1984

The juries were picked for the month of June. This is important because these jurors were used for the Hailey trial.

Carl Lee one vote away from no indictment

June 1 1984

The grand jury voted on whether or not to indict Carl Lee. They were one vote away from not indicting him.

Carl Lee's arraignment

June 5 1984

The arraignment is where Hailey will find out if he could get out on bond or not. The bail is denied and Hailey is sent back to the prison.

Cat visits Carl Lee in jail.

June 8 1984

Cat convinces Carl Lee to use his lawyer, Marsharfsky. Carl agrees, and the lawyer never visits Carl Lee in jail. Carl Lee eventually rehires Jake.

NAACP begins fund raiser for Hailey case

June 10 1984

The NAACP collects money from the churches for the Hailey "family". They really use it to hire a new lawyer for Carl Lee and don't give any money to Carl Lee's family, who desperately needs it. This outrages Carl Lee.

Cross burnt in Jakes yard

June 11 1984

The KKK burns crosses in Jakes yard as a warning to drop the case. This scares Carla and Hanna along with the police. Jake decides to disregard the warning.

Lucien refers Jake to psychiatrist

June 18 1984

The psychiatrist, W.T. Bass, is retired. He is also a drunk and convicted felon. Jake did not know this when he hired him, and didn't discover until the middle of the court date.

Jake asks to move trial to different county

June 24 1984

Jake suggests, in front of Judge Noose, that the trial be removed from Ford County. Judge Noose says no, the trial will remain in Ford County. Noose says that everyone in the county has already prejudged the case and a fair trial wouldn't be possible anywhere he moved the trial.

Potential jury picked, list leaked

July 12 1984

Jake and the other people of the court aren't supposed to know who the potential jurors are until a week before the trial. Harry Rex gets Jake a list, and they state researching all of the jurors immediately.

Court Date State vs. Carl Lee Hailey

July 22 1984

State vs. Carl Lee Hailey.
2 charges capital murder.
1 charge assult of a police officer

Ellen kidnapped

July 28 1984

The KKK kidnapped Ellen after they tried to kill Jake. They attempted to rape Ellen and then whip her. Mickey Mouse called the County and told them where Ellen was.

Jury votes

aug 6 1984

5 guilty.
5 undecided.
1 pass.
1 not guilty.

Carl Lee Hailey found not guilty

aug 8 1984

Carl Lee Hailey is found not guilty in 2 counts of capital murder.