World War One Timeline


Frank Ferdinand and wife were shot

June 28,1914

This began the crisis known as world war one

Declaration of War

Austria declared war on Serbia

July 28, 1914

Germany Declared War on Russia

August 1,1914

Germany Declared war on France

August 3,1914

Trench warfare begins

January 1915


US enters the war on the side of the Allies

April 2, 1917


Germany Invade Belgium

August 3,1914

Declarations or treaties

Austria presented Serbia an ultimatum

July 23, 1914

Zimmerman Telegram

February 1917

The Germans asked the Mexicans to join the war on their side

Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany is forced to step down

November 9, 1918

The western powers signed treaties with the other defeated nations

1919 - 1920

Signed treaties with Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, and The Ottoman Empire

The signing of the treaty of Versailles

June 28, 1919


The Battle of the Marne

September 5,1914 - September 13,1914

Germany is forced to retreat after being defeated by the Allies

Country is on the border

German units were on the edge of Paris

September 3,1914


The Allies attack the Germans in Paris

September 5, 1914

Gallipoli campaign

february 1915

The allies kept attacking the central powers on the Gallipoli peninsula

Sinking of the British ship Lusitania

May 7 1915

Russia's war effort was near collapse


Germans launched an attack on the French near Verdun

February 1916

British attack Germans Northwest of Verdun

July 1916

This was to relieve pressure off the French

The Germans declare they would sink any ship in the British waters w/o warning

January 1917

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

Main Event

World War One

June 28, 1914 - November 11, 1918

Russian Revolution

Bloody Sunday

January 22, 1905

200,000 Russian families protested at the Czar's winter palace. Many were gunned down

Czar promised more freedom

October 1905

The first meeting of the Duma

May 1906

Czar brings Russian into WWI

August 1914

Russia was very economically unprepared

Czar moved headquartes to the warfront


Left wife Alexandra in charge who fell under Rasputin and let him make political decisions

Death of Rasputin


March Revolution

March 1917

Women led a city wide strike, workers swarmed the streets Soilders had to shoot protesters

Czar Nicholas II abdicates his throne

March 15, 1917

Lenin returned to Russia

April 1917

Bolsheviks take over

November 1917

Russian Civil War

1918 - 1920

Russia and Germany sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

March 1918

Lenin launced NEP

March 1921

Naming of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


Death of Lenin


Communists created a constitution


Based on socialist and democratic prinicples