Jacob - World War One Timeline


The Assassination

June 28, 1914

The Archduke Francis and Duchess Sophie was shot and killed by an assassin called Gavrilo Princip. Exactly one month later, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. World War One has started.

The Lusitania

May 7, 1915

A German Submarine sunk the British passenger ship The Lusitania. 128 Americans died in the devastation. Germany then promised an agreement to not attack any civilian ship. One year later, Germany broke that agreement.

New Ways of Warfare

1916 - 1918

Back then, troops used to fight hand to hand. Now there are new ways to fight. Some new weapons back then were poison gas, a weapon that suffocates the enemy. Another new weapon was the flamethrower, it actually burns your skin right off. And one of the most powerful weapons was a machine gun developed by Germans. It can fire 600 bullets per minute at a target 3,000 feet away.

The Great Migration

1916 - 1918

The war took millions of American men away from their jobs in the cities and on the farms. In addition, the numbers of immigrants dropped. Then African Americans, tens of thousands, came to America to work.

US Joins War

April 6, 1917

First, British troops secured a letter to Mexico from Germany. It said to destroy the US. Then, German Submarines sank 5 US Merchant ships. President Wilson had no choice. The US joined the war.

End of the Great War

January 15, 1919

Over 30 countries joined near Paris to sign the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty was a punishment to Germany to pay 32 billion dollars to the Allies; Britain, Italy, US, Japan, Russia, and France.