Amber & Gage


Fish and his family move after he gets his savvy

12/01/2012 - 12/02/2012

After Fish's 13th birthday, the family packs up moves inland away from major water sources.

Mibs leaves school

12/02/2012 - 12/03/2012

Mibs leaves her middle school before her 13th birthday, so that her Savvy doesn't go out of control; she begins being home schooled.

Rosemary's Suprise Visit

12/03/2012 - 12/04/2012

Ms. Rosemary's children are introduced to the story and you see the relationship between the Beaumont kids and Ms. Rosemary's kids.

Party Planning

12/04/2012 - 12/05/2012

Ms. Rosemary starts planning MIbs' 13th birthday, and Mibs doesn't want it to happen because she's scared her Savvy will hurt someone or embarrass her.

The Birthday

12/05/2012 - 12/06/2012

Mibs' 13th birthday rolls around and she believes she has her savvy when she awakes. She goes to the church for her party.

The Actual Party

12/06/2012 - 12/07/2012

Mibs enter the church for her party, and passes out in the kitchen knocking the plate of sandwhichs, that Bobbi made. She also sees Bobbi's tatto and it talks to her.

The Bus

12/07/2012 - 12/08/2012

Mibs gets the idea that she can get on the bus to travel to Salina to wake Poppa. Will decides to go onto the bus with Mibs and Bobbi is convinced to join.

The Bus has Different Plans

12/08/2012 - 12/09/2012

Mibs, Will, and Bobbi hide in the back of the bus as the bus driver gets in. The bus travels away from Nebraska, not towards Salina.

The Bus Driver Finds His Extra "Cargo"

12/09/2012 - 12/10/2012

Lester finds the group (Will, Fish, Bobbi, Mibs, and Samson) hiding in the back of the bus.

Talking "Tats" and Stuttering Scolds

12/10/2012 - 12/11/2012

Mibs hears Rhonda and Carlene talking bad about Lester, and Lester tries to scold the trespassers.

Horrific Chitchat

12/11/2012 - 12/12/2012

Mibs and the gang get the bad news that they won't be in Salina until late the next day.

Blue Inked Sun

12/12/2012 - 12/13/2012

The blue sun that Mibs drew on Will's hand kept saying: "Will's got a secret. A secret for a secret for a secret, want to know the secret?" over and over in Mibs' head, causing her to have a total and utter mental breakdown.

Sobs, Deals, and Lester's Girls

12/13/2012 - 12/14/2012

Mibs breaks down and tries to strikes a deal with God so that she can stop hearing the voices from ink. Rhonda and Carlene bash Lester and each other, making Mibs even more insane.

Questions and the Histories of Savvies

12/14/2012 - 12/15/2012

Mibs remembers the story of how "Savvies aren't diseases or sicknesses" and has a flashback to when the story was told to her.

Angel from above

12/15/2012 - 12/16/2012

Lester stops the bus and picks up a damsel in distress named Lill which Leste has a crush on. They then begin to travel to Emerald to take Lill to work.

New Misfit on Board and Love in the Air

12/16/2012 - 12/17/2012

Lill has classified herself as misfit. The gang, excluding Bobbi, took well to Lill and Lester develops a HUGE crush on her.