The French Revolution


Louis XVI Becomes King


Louis XVI begins his 18 year reign.

The Tennis Court Oath


The 3rd Estate elected delegates and declared themselves the rightful National Assembly.

The National Assembly Is Established


The National Assembly abolished feudalism, demanded the natural rights, and demanded end to estate discrimination. They also passed the Constitution of 1791, which established a limited monarchy and encouraged free trade.

Louis XVI Calls the Estate General


Louis XVI had wracked up great debt for France, and the French were discontent with following him. The Enlightenment ideas inspired the 3rd Estate to question their situation. The last time it was called into session was 1614.

Storming of the Bastille

July 14, 1789

Parisians stormed the Bastille, a prison for political prisoners. It quickly became a symbol of the Revolution. They freed 7 prisoners (5 regular criminals and 2 madmen) and collected gun powder and weapons. It is still a huge celebration today!

The Declaration of the Rights of Man Issued

August 26, 1789

The Declaration of the Rights of Man abolished feudalism, established the natural rights, and demanded an end to estate discrimination.

The French Constitution of 1791


The Constitution of 1791 established a limited monarchy and encouraged free trade.

The Royal Family Attempts to Flee

June 1791

They were headed toward the Luxembourg border, but the King was recognized at Varennes, near the border.

The Legislative Assembly Established

1 October 1791

The Legislative Assembly was the power in charge after the National Assembly and before the National Convention.

The National Convention Established

September 1792

The National Convention abolished the monarchy on September 22, 1792.

Beheading of Louis XVI

January 21, 1793

The National Convention voted to execute after conclusively proving Louis' encouragement of foreign intervention.

Committee for Public Safety

April 1793

The Committee for Public Safety had over 300,000 people arrested and 16,000 - 50,000 executed.

Death of Marat

July 13, 1793

Marat was killed by Charlotte Corday.

The Reign of Terror

5 September 1793 - 28 July 1794

Thousands of people were beheaded and even more were arrested nationwide.

Beheading of Marie Antoinette

October 1793

Marie Antoinette was one of the most hated women in all of France.

Death of Robespierre

July 28, 1794

Robespierre was executed without trial.

The Directory Established

2 November 1795

The Directory was a body of five Directors that held executive power in France.


Soaring Food Prices

1787 - 1788

80% of the people of France's income was spent on bread alone.

The March of the Women

October 5, 1789 - October 6, 1789

The women marched on Versailles as a spontaneous demonstration for bread and food. They demanded that the king to return to the capital.