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Colonization Timeline

Columbus discovers America

August 1, 1492

Christopher Colobus tries to find a different route to China, but instead found the Carribean Islands. He tried to find many spices and gold, but there weren't many.

John Cabot

January 1,1497

John Cabot, who lived in Venice sailed all the way from Italy across the Atlantic. He than landed, and claimed Newfoundland.

Ponce de leon discovers Florida

April 1,1513

Ponce de Leon has found Florida, which in Spanish "flowery." He tried to drive the Indians off and find the "Fountain of Youth" died by a poison arrow.

Sir Walter Raleigh Colonizes the Roanoke

January 1, 1587

He sent a group of colonists to Roanoke. Then, they were too late to plant crops. Their leader, John White, was busy fighting a war between England and Spain, so Walter's trip was delayed for three years.

Jamestown is established

January 1,1607

Jamestown was established in Virginia by 144 settlers. The name came from King James I. This place had many fish, but very little settlers knew how to hunt, or farm, and the town also had not many resources. One other downside was that there were disease-carrying mosquitos and a powerful Indian tribe.

Robert de La Salle

April 9, 1682

Robert has explored the entire Mississippi River and claimed everything on the west side of it for France. He named this are "Louisiana," because of the French king, King Louis XIV.