the ukulele was made in the 19th century



Ravenscrag arrived in Honolulu on the afternoon of August 23, 1879 and heard the Ukulele

popularity of the ukulele


manufacturing ukuleles was an important element in it's success story.there were several Portuguese who were capable of making musical instruments; Augusto Dias, Jose do Espirito Santo, and Manuel Nunes. In 1884, Dias opened a small shop on King Street for manufacturing and repairing musical instruments, especially guitars and ukuleles. Four years later, both Santos and Nunes had opened shop. Of these, the most successful seems to have been Nunes, as he and his son Leonardo were making ukuleles into the 1930s.

King" Benny Nawahi


By the age of 20 he was a full time ukulele then He became totally blind in 1935, but even this didn't stop him

Ray Kinney

1915 - 1949

at the age of 15 he Already skilled on the ukulele During the
war years, Kinney toured 157 military bases and clubs becoming a favorite of Hawaii's 442nd Regiment.

Waikiki Parties


Many of the Waikiki beachboys were excellent musicians and composers and Legendary beachboy parties were held in the 1920s

Andy Cummings


when he was nearing the end of an eight month U.S. mainland and Canada tour and when he arrived in Lansing, Michigan. The temperature was 5 degrees above zero, quite cold for an islander, as you can imagine. Walking back to his hotel after their show, Andy went immediately to his room, picked up his ukulele and played Waikiki

Tom Adams

1968 - 2012

Featured as a banjo player on recordings made between 1974 and 2006 with The Adams Brothers

George Harrison


George Harrison used the ukulele on the album All Things Must Pass

James hill

1976 - 2012

topped folk radio charts in North America and opened doors to festival stages across the continent

Spike Slawson

July 1, 2003

Slawson worked in the mail order department of the record label Fat Wreck Chords which is the subject of a song by The Aquabats titled "Dear Spike