Romantic Period


Fernando Sor

1778 - 1839

he became the most famous guitarist of the 19th century from his compositions and concerts

Horned guitar


it had horns and it was a guitar

Mauro Giuliani

1781 - 1829

he played guitar and had a guitar magazine named after him

Dionisio Aguado

1784 - 1849

Aguado wrote several excellent concert pieces, such as the Fandango and the Rondos Brillantes op. 2

Rene Francois Lacote's guitar

1785 - 1855

they made guitars during the romantic period

Preston English guitar


a guitar made in the romantic period

Wornum Lyre guitar


a guitar made in the romantic period

Antonio De Torres

1817 - 1892

fixed the shape of the classical acoustic guitar

Julian Arcas

1832 - 1882

The Spanish guitar concert virtuoso, professor, and composer Julian Arcas is famous today for being Tarrega's teacher, as well as being the guitarist who worked with Torres to slightly modify the guitar's design to its current standard.

Francisco Tarrega

1852 - 1909

he played spanish guitar

Martin 2-40 guitar


a guitar made in the romantic period

Martin 00021 twin neck harp guitar


it was a double necked guitar with a guitar on one neck and a harp on the other.

Twelve string guitar


the first guitar with 12 strings

Gibson style U harp


its a gibson harp guitar