Major Events


The 1400s (Renaissance)

1350 - 1550

By the 1400s, the Renaissance had been in full swing for a full 50 years, and the Black Death was mostly over by this time.

The Golf Ball


The golf ball is a very complex shape that is full of small divots to enhance travel distance, whidh makes it an important piece in developing aerodynamics..

The Printing Press


This is the one of the major ingredients that sparked the Renaissance time period, and books such as the bible could be read and interpreted by the general public.

Nicolaus Cusanus


This is the man that proposed that the Earth was not the center of the revolves around the Sun. You can see how this could be inportant in the world of Astronomy.

The First Lead pencil


This was a truly history changing discovery as you can imagine, and was discovered when a huge graphite mine was found in England.

The First Water Thermometer


The first water thermometer was invented in 1593 by Galileo Galilei, which was a glass tube with a bulb on the end filled with mercury that expanded when hot and contracted when cold.