History of Christian Thought

Pt 1


Jesus's Life

4 BC - 30 CE

Great Schism


Council of Florence


filioque clause and papal supremacy
- definintion of the Sacraments - Eucharist - Radbertus (real presence) vs Ratramnus (symbolic)

Roman Events

Emporer Constantine- Peace of the Church


Persecution of Christians slow down.


Pauline letters

50 CE

List of Most of Books

190 CE

First Official List of all Books

367 CE

All 27 Books

Christian Thinkers

Justin Martyr

100 - 175

Plato and Moses
Logos as Jesus

Plato and Moses


130 - 202

Born in Asia Minor, but educated in Greece
Bishop in Lyons
Wrote against heresy, mostly against the gnostics

Theory of Recapitulation


160 - 220

Jerusalem and Athens - "What does Jerusalem have to do with Athens?"
Dim view of philosophy.


181 - 203


185 - 254

Earliest interpretation of scripture - 3 part
1. literal
2. spiritual
3. allegorical

Important theologian

Anothony of Egypt

271 CE

Founder of monasticism

Desert Fathers and Mothers (Amas and Abbas)

Seperation from the Church


354 - 430
  • Theory of Original Sin

  • Theological anthropology

  • his struggles with sex before giving himself to Christ

  • 'Theft of the Pears' - What does it mean when humans do evil?

  • Introduced the notion of the "Will" -

John of Damascus

674 - 749
  • Image and Likeness - we all have the image of God, but our goal is to be in the likeness of God - Eastern idea of becoming perfect (as God is perfect)

    • Does the fall change the image of God within humans? Image is never erased, as we still aspire to become the likeness of God.
  • Iconoclast controversy - should images be used to worship God? Well, since there was an incarnation, God was here in human form so now we are allowed.

  • Article by Timothy Ware


Saint Anselm

1033 - 1109

Ontological Argument

Rebirth in the importance of reason

Credo ut Intelligam - believe in order to understand

Francis of Assisi

1182 - 1226
  • Incarnational Theology - whole place of human life is the arena of God's work. Life about experience here

Patron saint of Animals and Ecology

Wandering poor preachers

Church saw his views as a threat- his poverty and the Church's wealth.

Thomas Aquinas

1225 - 1274
  • The Great Synthesis - reason and revelation

  • Aristotle - "The Philosopher"

  • The Dominicans - emphasized teaching and preaching

  • Argument for the Existence of God.

  • Argument for Design

John Duns Scotus

1264 - 1308


Doctor Subtilis - the subtle doctor

haecceitas - "thisness"
- modern reorientation of looking at the specific of things - Scientific Method is born out of this

"Primacy of the Will"

  • change in the emphasis of reason

William Ockham

1300 - 1349
  • Ockham's razor

  • built upon Duns Scotus

  • his opinion of Ethic - God may change God's mind about what is good, so we should just accept it - unpredictability of God

  • waning of reason

Julian of Norwich

1342 - 1423


  • Sacred Pain - using pain to understand the nature of human experience

  • Trinity - God as the Father, motherhood of God in Jesus,

Catherine of Sienna

1347 - 1380


  • founded her own monastic order of women.

  • She was named a doctor of the Church


Nicean Creed


Answered who the figure of Jesus was.

Council of Chalcedon

451 CE

Doctrine of 2 Natures