Gucci History




Craftsman’s son Guccio Gucci was born

Work Inspiration


He finds work in the Savoy Hotel, London. He was often inspired by the lavish lifestyle of others.

Birth Of Kids

1905 - 1912

Sons Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo are born to Guccio and his wife, Aida.

Saddlery Shop


Founded the House of Gucci as a saddlery shop in Florence in 1906

First Leather Bag


Guccio's first talent was leather goods,
He first started selling leather bags to horsemen.

League of Nations Embargo

1935 - 1936

The League of Nations embargo against Italy. Makes Gucci finds alternatives to imported leather and other materials. He developed specially woven canapa, or hemp, from Naples, printed with the first signature print (a series of small, interconnecting diamonds in dark brown on a tan background) Which he made his first successful suitcases of.

First Store


Guccio Gucci opened his first retail shop on the Via Condotti in Rome.

Epic Bag


The recognizable Gucci icon, the leather bag with bamboo handle, is created

Iconic Red Strip


The trademark red striped webbing is introduced. During this year he created many classics such as luggage, ties, shoes, and the famous handbags sporting the bamboo handle.

Italian Fashion Pioneer Dies


Gucci becomes a pioneer of Italian design in the U.S. when Aldo opens the first American store in the Savoy Plaza Hotel on East 58th Street in New York.
Guccio Gucci dies at age 72, 15 days after the New York store opens.