Vladek IS Born

OCT 11, 1906

Vladek born on October 11th, 1906

Vladek and Anja Meet

DEC 15, 1935

The two are introduced in Sosnowiec, Poland.

Vladek and Anja Marry

FEB 14, 1937

The couple are married after Vladek moves to Sosnowiec.

Richieu is Born

OCT 15, 1937

Richieu is born in Sosnowiec, Poland

Vladek is Drafted

AUG 24, 1939

Vladek is drafted into the Polish Army to fight against the Nazis.

Vladek Captured as a POW

SEP 15, 1939

Nazi soldiers take Vladek prisoner. Poland is soon defeated.

Vladek is Released from Work Camp

FEB 15, 1940

Through a family friend, Orbach, Vladek is able to escape murder and hide out.

Vladek Returns to Sosnowiec

FEB 27, 1940

Vladek is reunited with his family after sneaking across the Poland-Germany Border.

Jews in Sosnowiec are Moved to Ghetto

DEC 15, 1941

All the Jews in Sosnowiec are forcibly moved into the Stara quarter of Sosnowiec. Jews become increasingly persecuted.

Vladek's Father Deported, Along with his Sister and her Kids

AUG 26, 1942

Vladek's father is taken from the Ghetto during a mass inspection. He dies in an Auschwitz gas chamber.