AeroClub 2018-2019


Summer School

5/12/2018 - Approx. May 25, 2018

Summer School with basic Aeromodelling workshops and hands-on multicopter session.

Demonstrations at Tech Sphere Orientation

Approx. 8/5/2018

Just demonstrate a Quadcopter and have a RC plane simulator set up.

Introduction to AeroClub

Approx. 8/12/18

This event will be responsible for the Introduction part to aeroclub as well as have basics of flight session combined.
->get them the aero feels
->enlighten them with the current aerospace industry
->Basics of flight session

Flying session I

Approx. 8/13/18

Fly Plane and get the freshies involved.

Project X - Chuck Glider Event

Approx. 9/15/2018

Controls Session

Approx. 10/27/2018

Basics of Control in the field of Multirotors

Winter School and Tech Meet

Approx. 11/28/2018 - Approx. 12/25/2018

Workshops to prepare for Boeing Aero-modelling Competition.

XFLR5 Session

Approx. 1/23/2019

Basic Aerodynamic analysis.

Quadrotor Session

Approx. 2/21/2019

Basics of multirotor dynamics and electronics.

Advanced Controls Session

Approx. 4/15/2019

A follow-up session to the previous one with more control algorithms and approaches