Mountain Men History


Francisco Vasquez Coronado

Approx. July 28th, 1540

Francisco Marches in the Rocky Mountain area with soldiers, slaves, and missionaries.

John Colter's route (Lewis and Clark's expedition)

February 28th, 1774

Was known as the "First Mountain Man". John Colter was the first to explore the Yellowstone area as a European decent. John Colter later joined the Lewis and Clark expedition from 1804-1806.

Alexander Mackenzie

July 8th, 1789

Was the first European to discover and cross the rocky mountains as a part of his journey.

Benjamin Louis Eulalie de Bonneville

April 14th, 1796 - 1878

Benjamin was a French Born officer and was a trapper who explored most of the west. (Oregon region)

Jedediah Smith

January 6th, 1799

Was a fur trapper, trader, and a trailblazer. He was important because he helped white settlers settle in the west.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

February 1st, 1804

Was the first overland expedition to discover the pacific coast and other parts of the west.

Kit Carson

December 24th, 1809

Was a trapper and and frontiersman. His mainly known for being a guide in the west.

Jim Bridger

February 28th, 1830

One of the most well known Mountain men of the century. He also established the "Rocky Mountain Fur Company" in 1830.