Flores v. Arizona


Flores v. Arizona is filed


District Court rules in favor of Plaintiff / Flores

January, 2000

Superintendent of Public Instruction enters consent decree with Plaintiffs

August, 2000

Federal District Court orders completion of initial cost study for ELL programs

October, 2000

Voters approve Prop 203

November, 2000

ADE released initial cost study ($0-$4,600 and no recommendations)

May, 2001

District Court orders compliance

June, 2001

including adjustments for minimum levels of funding per ELL

HB 2010 passes - $179-$340 per ELL pupil

December, 2001

Plaintiffs challenge HB 2010 $340 as "arbitrary and capricious"

April, 2002

State files motion for reconsideration - HB 2010 satisfied the Jan 2000 order

May, 2002

District Court orders state to complete another cost study and a funding plan

May, 2002

Legislature consultants (NCSL) publish cost study - $670-$2,571 per pupil

August, 2004

Plaintiffs file a motion for compliance deadline

December, 2004

District Court orders compliance deadline

January, 2005

Legislature passes HB 2781 in response (to organize task force and funding)

April, 2005

Governor Napolitano vetoes HB 2781

May, 2005