The Life of Joseph Kallinger

Timeline Details

Born as Joseph Brenner III

December 11, 1935

Put into foster care after father left

December 1937

Adopted by Stephen and Anna Kallinger

October 15, 1939

Marries Judith

April 1958

First wife, goes on to have two kids with her before she divorces him for abusive tendencies

Arrested for child abuse

January 30,1972

Three of his children went to the police that he was abusing them

Murdered neighborhood kid Jose Collazo

July 7, 1974

Tortured him and then cut off his genitals

Murdered son Joseph Jr.

July 28, 1974

He drowned him in a lake

Went on crime spree with son Michael

November 1974

Murdered nurse Maria Fasching

January 8, 1975

He slit her throat and she bled to death from the artery

Arrested with son Michael

January 17, 1975

Arrested for 4 counts of robbery, 4 counts of false imprisonment, 1 count burglary

Found guilty of charges

September 19, 1975

Sentences to 30-80 years

Found guilty of Murder

October 13, 1976

Sentences to life in prison

Died from Epileptic Seizure

March 26, 1996