Untitled timeline


The Sumerians created the first writing system

3500 BC - 3499 BC

The Sumerians created the fist writing system in the whole world and was able to travail. It was know as cuneiform and was written with picturs. They used clay so it can last and stay tougher.


3000 BC - 2000 BC

Cuneiform was the first writing system ever. Cuneiform was used for communication for long distances. Cuneiform used pictures instead of words.

The city of Ur

3000 BC - 2000 BC

The sumareons began a civilization in Mesopotamia that was called Ur. Ur was the strongest civilization in all the region of Mesopotamia. Ur became so strong that they separated from Mesopotamia and started they owe region.


2700 BC - 2680 BC

Gilgamesh was a king for 126 years but lived for about 20. There are many story's about Gilgamesh but their not all true. Some are like the story about how he ruled.

Queen Hatshepsut

1472 BC - 1458 BC

Queen Hatshepsut was the first queen that became a king. She became king when here Husband died so she took the throne as a man. In order for queen Hatshepsut to become king she had too become a man.

Egyptian trade

1400 BC - 1399 BC

The Egyptian trade started by queen hapchapsut sent two traders west to the kingdom of punt. The Egyptian trade didn't last long but it was secsuful. They traded many goods and foods but it didn't last.

Romulus & Remus

753 BC - 732 BC

Romulus & Remus where brothers that where sent down a river and was saved and cared a mother wolf. When they grew up Romulus killed Remus. After Romulus killed Remus Romulus took a city and named it after himself.


632 BC - 570 BC

The Islamic religion stated around 632 BC. In the Islamic religion they pray 5 times a day every day to show how much there god means to them. There gods prophet is named Muhammad (like Jesus in the Christian religion) should them the way of life.


500 BC - 400 AD

Honikak is a holiday that is calibrated by Jews. Honikak was made around the year 500 BC. Honikak is like the Holiday Christmas but they have 8 days and calibrate the victory of the war against the Greeks.

Punic war

265 BC - 244 BC

The Punic war was a war that was fought by the Romans and Carthage. This war went on for 21 years and the Romans won. The reason the Romans won is because they made 100 ship just out of one they found and they invented something called a Corvus (plank)

Roman classes

250 BC - 100 AD

There were three roman classes one was consoles and they were the #1 class. The second class was the patricians they were the 2nd best class. The last class was the plebians they were the normal people and was the lowest class.


30 BC - 400 AD

Christianity began around 30 BC near when Jesus was born. Christianity was made in Jdea and was made because people wanted a new belief. Christianity is a belief that means that you believe that Jesus's redirection got ride of all our sins.

Greek gods

100 AD - 200 AD

There was many different Greek gods and out of all of them are a couple of Main ones. Out of the main gods there was three main out of that. They were call Zeus,poesiten, and hates.


100 AD - 300 AD

The Mycenaeans were know as the first Greek people. The reason for this is because they were the first to speak Greek. The Mycenaeans were also know for trading.


100 AD - 300 AD

Minoans were know for how good ship builders and creators. After building many ship they started to become great traders. So later on they were know as the best ship builders and creator and the best traders.