Richard Leonard Kuklinski




Was the second son of four, born to Stanley and Anna Kuklinski. He had an abusive father who beat his wife and children (actually killing Kuklinski's brother Florian and then covered it up as the son falling down the stairs and hitting his head). He left the family around the age 15.

First Kill


At the age of 13 Kuklinski killed a ambushed and beat Charley Lane; a bully who had been beating him up for some time. He dumped Lane's body off a bridge in South Jersey after pulling out his teeth and cutting off his fingers. The body was never found. Kuklinski also beat Charley's gang, "The Project Boys" to near death with a metal pole he found in the trash.



Kuklinski is already known for his explosive temper and willingness to kill.



Richard Kuklinski marries his wife Barbara Pedrici.

First Daughter Born


Noticed by the Gambino crime family and Roy Demeo, becomes hitman.

1965 - 1985

One day Roy Demeo took Kuklinski out in his car and parked on a city street. Demeo then selected a random target and told Kuklinski to kill him. Without questioning the order Kuklinski got out and walked towards the man, shooting him in the back of the head as he passed by.

Second Daughter Born


First son born


Killing Various Men

1971 - 1982

Including: Bruno Latini, Peter Calabro, George Malliband, Paul Hoffman, Gary Smith, And Danny Deppner.
Throughout his life, Kuklinski's neighbors thought that he was a successful businessman; they had no idea of his actions despite the fact that Kuklinski left the house at any time of the day or night.

Louis Masgay's Murder earned him the name of "Iceman"


Robert Pronge found shot to death


Kuklinski became friendly with Pronge, nicknamed Mister Softee who drove around in a Mister Softee van to appear inconspicuous. Kuklinski learned the different methods of using cyanide to kill his victims; he also clamed that Mister Softee was "extremely crazy". When Pronge's body was found shot to death in his own truck, most believed Kuklinski was the perpetrator. However the killer was never found.



When the authorities finally caught up with Kuklinski in 1986, they based their case almost entirely on the testimony of an undercover agent. New Jersey State Police detective Pat Kane started the case 6 years prior to the arrest and the investigation involved a joint operation with the New Jersey Attorney General's office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Special Agent Dominick Polifrone had undercover experience specializing in Mafia cases. The New Jersey State Police and the Bureau began a joint operation. Detective Kane recruited Phil Solimene, a close friend of Kuklinski, who introduced undercover agent Polifrone to the killer.

The Bureau agent had acted like he wanted to hire Kuklinski for a hit and recorded him speaking in detail about how he would do it. When state police and federal agents went to arrest Kuklinski they blocked off his street, and it took multiple officers to bring him down.

In the process of doing so Mrs. Kuklinski was also arrested and charged with gun possession because the car was in fact registered under her name. When Mrs. Kuklinski was arrested a police officer put his boot on her back while detaining her. This enraged Kuklinski and that is one the reasons why they needed multiple officers to bring him down.

Sentenced to multiple life sentences.


A New Jersey court convicted Kuklinski of five murders.

Pleaded guilty to the 1980 murder of NYPD detective Peter Calabro


Drew another 30 years.



Kuklinski was serving consecutive life sentences at New Jersey State Prison for two murders when he died.

Kuklinski died at the age of 70 at 1:15 A.M. He was in a wing at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, New Jersey. The timing of his death has been labeled suspicious; Kuklinski was scheduled to testify that former Gambino crime family underboss Sammy Gravano had ordered him to murder New York Police Department Detective Peter Calabro.