The City of Benghazi During WW2


The Capture of Benghazi

February 7, 1941

On February 7th, the British took control of Benghazi, a city in Libya. This would play a significant role for the people of Benghazi as it would mark the beginning of multiple foreign countries occupying Benghazi. (The North African Campaign)

The British Flee Benghazi

April 3, 1941

The British are forced to evacuate Benghazi, after a two month occupation, due to Nazi Germany's approach in Libya. Not evacuating would allow the Nazis to corner the British. The British evacuating Benghazi has allowed the people of Benghazi to be free and unoccupied from foreign domain, but they know that the Germans are coming and that they are powerless to stop them. (The North African Campaign)

The Axis Powers Claim Benghazi

April 4, 1941

After the British have evacuated the city, the axis powers, including German and Italian troops, claim the city of Benghazi. They treat the people of Benghazi quite cruelly. The city has taken damage from all the artillery warfare and the people are still terrified. (The British enter Benghazi)

Raids on Benghazi by RAF

October 4, 1941 - October 6, 1941

The British Royal Air Force raids the city of Benghazi as the Germans occupy it. They hope to make the Germans retreat back. The raids last for two days, until the RAF retreats back. Some part of the city lays in ruin. The people of Benghazi are still scared. (Benghazi)

More Raids on Benghazi by RAF

December 2, 1941

There are more raids on Benghazi by the RAF as there are allegedly axis supply bases near the city. The British hope to annihilate these bases. The people of Benghazi are still living in terror as they do not know what is actually happening. Will the Germans retreat or will the city of Benghazi be lain in ruin? (WW2 People's War)

The British Retake Benghazi

December 24, 1941

After a month of raids, the Germans have retreated and the British are able to retake the city of Benghazi. There are supplies left from the Germans such as military warfare and also food. The people of Benghazi once again are powerless and under the rule of the British, who have and will treat them cruelly throughout their stay. (The British enter Benghazi)

Benghazi is under British Control

1942 - 1951

Once Benghazi and Libya itself is recaptured by the the British, it will take more than a decade until Libya can become a independent country. During this time it will be ministered by the British Empire.
(World War II Database)

The Germans Reoccupy Benghazi

January 29, 1942

General Rommel of Nazi Germany captures the city of Benghazi from the British. The Germans have already captured big chunks of land in Libya. The living conditions of the Benghazi people has worsen. (The North African Campaign)

The British Recapture Benghazi Again

November 20, 1942

After months of tense battle between the British and the Germans, the British are again able to make the Germans retreat from Benghazi and other parts of Libya.They reclaim Benghazi. The local children of Benghazi are given tank rides by the British. The city is rebuilt and the living conditions for the local people are getting better. (The British enter Benghazi)

The Germans are Forced to Retreat Libya

January 23, 1943

Besides the retreating of Benghazi, the Germans are forced by the the British army to leave the whole of Libya itself. They are pushed back to Tunisia. The city of Benghazi is finally free from the Axis oppression, but this significance will make Libya be under British control for more than a decade. (Benghazi)