A Timeline of Saladin's Life


Saladin's Birth


Saladin's father Najem ad-Din Ayyub, gathered his family and they moved to Aleppo to have Saladin

The Second crusade

1147 - 1149

1147 the second crusade reaches Jerusalem

Saladin works as his Uncle's deputy

1154 - 1174

Saladin becomes deputy to his Uncle Asad ad-Din Ayyub

Became lieutenant of Egypt


Shirguh appointed him lieutenant of Egypt in 1164

Saladin Takes Control of Egypt


After his uncle Asad ad-Din Ayyub, died he took control of Egypt, and became sultan of Egypt and commander of the Syrian army

Saladin Sucsessfully Unites the Muslim States

1174 - 1186

Byzantine was Deafted trying to recaupture Anatolia From Seljuk Turks


Byzantine Failed to Recapture Anatolia From Seljuk Turks

Saladin Recaptures Jerusalem

July 1, 1187 - October 2, 1187

Saladin strategically took Jerusalem on October 2, 1187, to the surprise of the christians

The Third Crusade

1188 - 1192

The Third Crusade was a retaliation to the capture of the holy city of Jerusalem, ordered by Pope Gregory the VII, Richard The Lion-Hearted, King Phillip of France, and Fredrick Barbossa of Germany.

Saladin's Death


Saladin died peacefully in Damascus with his son at his side