Hitler joins the German Worker's Party


Having developed his political skills as a member of the Intelligence/Propaganda section in the army, Hitler joins the German Worker's Party.

Rebrands party as the National Socialist German Workers' Party


Drawing on his previous experiences Hitler heads a re-brand of the Worker's Party, creating the now infamous National Socialist party.

Becomes leader of the Nazis


Hitler successfully challenges Arthur Drexler for the leadership of the Party.

Hitler's Nazi Party participates in the Beer Hall Putsch


Hitler's political naivety is exposed when he unsuccessfully attempts to overthrow the Weimar Government in the Munich (or 'Beer Hall') Putsch. He is charged with treason and imprisoned.

Hitler writes Mein Kampf


Imprisoned for nine months after the failed Munich Putsch, Hitler writes Mein Kampf, an auto-biographical manifesto that would gain popularity in line with his political progression.

The Nazi party becomes the second largest party in Germany.


Now re-formed, the Nazi party increases its representatives in parliament from 14 to 107.

Hitler withdraws from League of Nations


In a move toward open hostility, Hitler also trebles the size of the German Army and ignores the arms restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles.

Hitler stands for and win the Chancellorship of a coalition government


Having became a German citizen in 1932, Hitler is eligible to and successful in standing for the leadership.

Enabling Act passed granting Hiter dictatorial powers


The Nazi party is proclaimed the only legal political party. Trade Unions, stikes and state governments are banned or absorbed. In April the Communist party iss banned and in May the Socialists.

Hitler becomes 'Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor', abolishing the title of President


In January Hitler had refused Franz von Papen and Hindenburg's offer to be Vice-Chancellor. He demands to be Chancellor, and Hindenburg accedes (thinking he can control him). Hitler becomes Chancellor and makes himself absolute ruler using Article 48.