Catarina Costa de Sousa


2º CEO: Charles Coffin- "The CEO Factory": Created meritocracy based based on measured performance

1892 - 1957

Centralized Corporate Control


Descentralized Multidivisional Organization


3ºCEO: Ralph Cordiner -Strengthening the Foundation: Crotonville, Session C, PLs

1958 - 1962

4º CEO: Fred Borsh- Systematizing HR Processes: Executive Man Power Staff

1963 - 1971

Leader in Strategic Planning


5º CEO: Reg Jonas- Systematizing HR Processes: Expansion of GE´s

1972 - 1980

6º CEO: Jack Welch- Supercharging the System: restrucsture the company, work out initiative, annual employee surveys, new view of recruiting, vitality curve

1981 - 2000

Model of lean and agile global competitor


7ºCEO: Jeff Immelt: Globalization, expand into new business

2001 - 2017