Historical Context 1950-1960

HIstorical context for english projecyt


Harry. S Truman is president

1949 - 1953

Great Migration

1950 - 1960

During this time period there was a substantial amount of African Americans coming to america from all diffrent countries

Cost of living


Average cost of a new house- $8450.00
Average wage per year- $3,210.00
Average cost of a gallon of gas- 18 cents
Average cost of a ball point pen- 25 cents
Average cost of a new house- $8,450.00

Korean War

1950 - 1953

The U.S declard war on North Korea in 1950 because the comunist North Korea was denying the South Koreans to have a democratic government

African American jobs

1950 - 1960

During this time there were a very little amount of jobs avaible to the black community because whites controled many jobs and some employers would not allow Blacks to work there

Race, Class, Manhood, and the American dream

1950 - 1960

This play was written to show the white community that the black living style was ot very diffrent from their community

Teller tests H-Bomb


Teller tested the first Hydrogen Bomb in 1951. He had been devolping it scence the 30's

Dwight D. Eisenhower is president

1953 - 1961

Supreme Court orders desegregation of schools


In 1995 the Supreme Court passed a law that would desegregate schools. A lot of people were mad about this law and some anry parents protested this decission

Blacks boycott busses in Montgomery


This event was sparked by Rosa Parks when she refused to give up her seat to a white man. Others began to do the same in Montgomery.

Women study comes out


A study is released showing that women earn 34% Batchlor degree's, 32% of Masters degree's, and 11% of Doctrine degree's in the United states

Civil Rights Movement

1960 - 1965

The Civil Rights Movement began with African Americans pretesting the unfair laws and how they felt unequal to the whites. Martin Luther King Jr led the movement and soon the Supreme Court made it illegal to treat African Americans as non equals.

Women working


Women begin to appear in the workplace doing jobs. In 1960 about 11.9 million people were added to the American workforce. Women made up 65.3% of the people

Peace Corps formed


The Peace Corps is a World wide orginization that allows the people outside of the united states understand the cultures inside of the united states and vis versa. It also helps people around the world establish a peaceful goverment

March on Washington