Timeline of Famous Afro-Germans(Black Germans)


Anton Wilhelm Amo

1703 - 1759

One of the first intellectuals of African ancestry to study in Germany.
He was both the first African known to attend a German university (Halle) and the first to obtain a doctorate degree (in 1729).after completing his studies, he taught and wrote in philosophy

Louis Brody

February 15th,1892 - February 11th,1952

a very well-known Black German actor, musician, and wrestler who also
engaged also in political work in favor of Afro-Germans as part of the African Aid Organisation, established by and for Afro-Germans living in Germany In 1938.

Hans Massaquoi

January 19, 1926 - January 19, 2013

He was born in Hamburg, Germany, to a white German mother and Liberian Vai father.At Some point He became the Consul General of Liberia in Germany despite all the abuse he was getting from people due to his skin color at the time.

Blacks During the Holocaust

1933 - 1945

After World War I, the Allies stripped Germany of its African colonies. The German military stationed in Schutztruppen,the African territories of the German colonial empire along with the Separation of whites and blacks mandated by the Reichstag (German parliament).Throughout 1933-1945 in Nazi Germany,the treatment of black people during the holocaust ranged from isolation to persecution, sterilization, medical experimentation, incarceration, brutality, and murder.

Ika Hügel-Marshall

1947 - Present

An Afro-German author and activist who was was born to a German mother and African-American father, whom she did not meet until she was 46. She experienced severe racism as a child, especially during her time in an orphanage. She studied well and helped to modernize a children's home in Frankfurt am Main.Later in her life,she became a member of the organization ADEFRA "Afro-Deutsche Frauen". the Black German women's movement.she also released a autobiography, Daheim unterwegs. Ein deutsches Leben( Invisible Woman. Growing up Black in Germany) which discusses racism in Germany during the 30's and 40's

May Ayim

May 3rd 1960 - August 9th 1996

an Afro-German poet, educator, and activist.
The child of a German mother and Ghanaian medical student, she was later adopted by a white German family when she was young,during her collages years she wrote a thesis at the University of Regensburg, "Afro-Deutsche: Ihre Kultur- und Sozialgeschichte aus dem Hintergrund gesellschaftlicher Veränderungen" (Afro-Germans: Their Cultural and Social History on the Background of Social Change), which was the first scholarly study of Afro-German history.