Untitled timeline


Iraq becomes a country


US recognizes Iraq as a country. Charles G. Dawes signed the Anglo-American-Iraqi Convention. United Kingdom and Iraq also signed this at the London Convention. We also recognized a special relations between the United Kingdom and Iraq.

Diplomatic Relations created between US and Iraq


US and Iraq aquire diplomatic relations with each other. Now, the US and Iraq can trade and aid each other in a time of need. Oil was the main export for Iraq and Import for US.

Arab Union established.


US recognizes the Arab Union. The Arab Union was created between Iraq and Jordan and on May 19, 1958. US did acquire diplomatic relations with the Arab Union.

Diplomatic relations between Iraq and US end


Iraq ended the diplomatic relations between them and the US. Iraq and Israel were starting to fight. US was allies with Israel and they were backing Israel in the fight. Iraq decided to break relation with the US.

Us supplies Iraq with money and weapons


The Iran-Iraq war was beginning and the US backed Iran and Saddum Hussein. Iran was aided by the Soviet Union. We gave Iraq money and weapons to win the war.

US states they'll do whatever it takes to have Iraq win.


The National Security Decision Directive stated that US was neutral in the Iran-Iraq war. However, they did state they will do whatever it takes to make sure Iraq wins. They say this because Soviet Union is supplying Iran.

Selling of Helicopters of Iraq


The Secretaries of Commerce and State pressured the NSC to approve the sale to Iraq to sell helicopters "for crop dusting." In 1988, these same helicopters were used to guess Iraqi Kurds. Because of this sale, many Iraqi's were killed.

CIA gives Iraq secret photographs


The CIA established direct intelligence links with Baghdad. Iraq recieved satellite photos from the US that revealed positioning of Iran soldiers and bombs. Later that year, the House of Representatives passed a bill which put Iraq on a special lists for terrorist countries. This shows that we were helping a terrorist nation.

Approval of Computers to Iraq's Labs


Commerce Department approved sale's to sell computers to Iraq's weapons lab. Later, United Nations found that 40% of the equipment in Iraq's weapons lab was from the United States. Iraq was using this equipment to build chemical weapons.

Status of Forces Agreement


The Status of Forces Agreement was signed by President Bush, establishing that U.S. combat forces would withdraw from Iraq by June 30, 2009, and all U.S. forces will be completely out of Iraq by December 31, 2011. Iraq is now running their government without the US's help. Iraq now runs a Democratic style of government.