The Road To Abolishing Slavery


South Secedes

Jan 1861

Confederacy formed

Feb 1861

Jefferson Davis becomes confederate President

Lincoln Inaugurated

Mar 1861

Fort Sumter

Apr 1861

Confederate win
Confederate states: Florida, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana

West Virginia founded

June 1861

Back to Union

First Battle of Bull Run

July 1861

Confederacy won
Union Blockade od southern Ports

Monitor and Merrimack naval battle

Mar 1862

No one won
McClellan loses his Union command


Apr 1862

Union win

Stonewall Jackson

May 1862

proves himself Shenandoah


Sep 1862

Union win

Emancipation Proclamation

Jan 1863


May 1863

Union win


May 1863

Confederate win


May 1863

Union Win

Confederates advance on Dc

July 1864

driven back to Va
Union win

Atlanta campaign

Aug 1864

begins under Sherman

Sherman's march to the sea

Nov 1864

Lincoln re-elected

13th Amendment passed

Jan 1865

Fall of confederacy

Jan 1865

davis plans to enlist slaves

Lincoln Assassinated

Apr 1865

Lee surrenders to Grant

Apr 1865

at Appomattox