World History Timeline Review


Early Humans and Neolithic Revolution

Humans First Domesticate Animals

10000 BCE - 9999 BCE

This impacted world history because it was the start of the use of animals in humans life, which was a good resource for surviving.

Neolithic Revolution

8000 BCE - 7999 BCE

This impacted world history because it gave humans a stable environment, which made it easier for the humans to survive and reproduce. Many humans where already nomads, and it attracted them when they saw that they could stay in one place without having to keep moving.

Wheel Invented

5000 BCE - 4999 BCE

This impacted world history because most of today's technologies use this invention. It was very important for transportation and agriculture in which we use all of them today.

First Civilizations

1st Ancient Mesopotamia Civilization

4000 BCE - 3999 BCE

This impacted World History by creating a group of people that come together with different jobs in their civilization that abide by their own rules. It was the beginning of civilization throughout the world. This allowed job specialization, government (rules), etc.

Egypt Mummification

3600 BCE - 3599 BCE

This impacted World History because it was a sign of culture in Egypt. It showed respect also to the high power that diseased, in hopes that they would go to the afterworld as their appearance on Earth.

Invention of Cuneiform

3000 BCE - 2999 BCE

The impacted World History because this was the first for of writing. This allowed people to communicate more. This way, they could better understand each other. This also allowed them to make laws.

Egyptian Government Ruled By Pharaoh

2700 BCE - 2699 BCE

This was the first government in Ancient Egypt. This was their form of control, in which the power was passed down through the generation of the king's/ queen's family. This is where government started for humans.

Code of Hummurabi

1792 BCE - 1791 BCE

This impacted World History because it was the first written set of laws. This was the first set of control amongst people. These laws kept everyone in order and cooperative.

World Religions

Abraham finds Judaism

1800 BCE - 1799 BCE

Judaism was monotheistic. This was the starting religion that had one god and his son, Jesus. Without it, most of the population would not be Christian or Judaism, today.

Hinduism Found

1700 BCE - 1699 BCE

It was founded in India. Hinduism was a polytheistic religion, meaning it had more than one god. It impacted World History because it was one of the few polytheistic languages in the world. It was also the main religion in India.

Temple Mount Built

957 BCE - 956 BCE

This was the modern site of the Western Wall. This has impacted today's world greatly. It has nearly caused war between two religion, Jews and Muslims. They both considered it a Holy Site.

Buddhism Found

563 BCE - 562 BCE

Sidhartha Guatama was the founder of this religion. It many beliefs and stories behind it. It impacts World History because most of its beliefs were used to make peace in the world today.

Jesus Born

4 BCE - 3 BCE

This impacted World History because this was the beginning of the Christian and Judaism religion. This is also the day that millions of people seem to celebrate. This day is known as Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus.

Jesus Crucified on The Cross

30 CE - 31 CE

This impacted today's world because it is a holiday that millions celebrate also. This holiday is called Easter. Many celebrate it because he died for the sins of the Jews.

Christianity Established

40 CE - 41 CE

This was basically a different version of Judaism. They believed that Jesus was actually the son of God. This gave people a religion to side with.

Muhammad Born in Mecca

570 CE - 571 CE

Muhammad was the founder of Islam. He was born in what is known as The Holy City. This was very important to Muslims. They have to make a Hajj to Mecca at least once in their life time.

Muhammad Dies

632 CE - 633 CE

Muhammad died in Jerusalem at the Dome of Rock, which was located near the Western Wall. This caused a conflict between the Jews and the Muslims.

Greece/ Rome

Ancient Greece Civilization Developes

1600 BCE - 1599 BCE

This impacted World History because civilization had began to spread across the country. Now, more people are making a civilization.

Homer writes Iliad and the Odyssey

890 BCE - 889 BCE

This impacted World History because it was the start of the Greek Mythologies and Philosophies. This was big in Greece and this helped it the increase.

Athens City-States Develops

800 BCE - 799 BCE

This impacted the World History because it caused many of people the desicion to choice between their government. It also was an independent polis.

Remus and Romulus found Ancient Rome

753 BCE - 752 BCE

This impacts World History because this is when the beginning of Rome had just begun.

Rome Develops Republic System

509 BCE - 508 BCE

This impacts World History because it was the seperation of powers in the government. It also was the beginning of checks on power, which the US uses in it's government, today.

Athens Invent Democracy

508 BCE - 507 BCE

This was the beginning of democracy. If this had of never happened, the US would not be as successful in their government as they are today. This impacted World History because its what gave the US this government.

Socrates Born; Invent Socratic Method

469 BCE - 468 BCE

This impacted World History because it gave people the idea of a sufficient government and some of the questions about their Gods. It gave people another point of view to look at.

Socrates Dies/ Trial of Socrates

399 BCE - 398 BCE

This impacts World History because it left people with the question on the truth behind their religions and their Gods.

Augustus is 1st Emperor & Pax Romana

44 BCE - 43 BCE

This impacts World History because it was the beginning of an Empire in Rome. It also brought peace to Rome for a while.

Julius Caesar Murdered & Fall of Republic

44 BCE - 43 BCE

This impacted World History because it was the end of an ruler who the Romans did not like. It gave courage to others about their power.

Roman Empire At It's Largest

117 CE - 118 CE

This impacts World History because it shows how successful the Empire was in Rome.

Aristotle Born; Study with Plato

384 CE - 385 CE

This impacts World History because it continued on the thoughts of Socrates. This spreaded his ideas through out most of Greece.

Fall of Roman Empire

410 CE - 411 CE

This impacted World History because it showed the downsides of having the empire, in which it was becoming to big to control itself.

Europe In The Middle Ages

Arabs Take Control in Jerusalem

638 CE - 639 CE

This impacted world history because this was the start of the wars and fights in Jerusalem. They had put all of the Jews out, and this made the Jews want payback, which continues today.

Feudal System Develops in Europe

850 CE - 851 CE

This impacted World History because it was the first system of loyalty to be used. It was also a successful system, which made people come together as one.

First Crusade

1099 CE - 1100 CE

This impacts world history because this was the beginning of colonizing other countries and their land. This had become a war all over the world.

Magna Carta Limits Power

1215 CE - 1216 CE

This impacted world history because it was the first to limit to power of the monarchs of the British. This made the ruler and the people equal because they all had to follow the laws.

1st Bubonic Plague Outbreak

1347 CE - 1348 CE

This impacts world history because was a disadvantage that the Europeans had when trading. It showed other countries the downsides of trading with other countries. It also showed how bad things could get. This was also the cause of the fall of the Feudal System.

Empires of Ghana & Mali

Complex Societies in Ghana

1500 BCE - 1499 BCE

This impacts world history because it showed how different people came together to make a diverse generation, in which the world has today.

Kingdom of Ghana in Northeast Africa

830 CE - 1235 CE

This was the beginning of the whole Ghana Kingdom in Africa. This were it first developed. This impacted world history because it was the start of major history in Africa.

Berber Empire Takes Over Ghana

1235 CE - 1236 CE

This impacted world history because this is when The Berber Empire took over Ghana by military. This was the decline in their population that caused them to have many conflicts amungst themselves.

Mansa Musa rules Kingdom of Mali

1280 CE - 1337 CE

This impacts world history because this was the start of Mali developing into a good kingdom. It was being introduced the advance technology and education.

Mansa Musa Takes Hajj to Mecca

1324 CE - 1325 CE

This impacts world history because this is when Mansa Musa started to introduce Islam to Mali and converted it. He also brought back good things from this journey that remain today.

Kingdom of Mali Weakened

1599 CE - 1600 CE

This impacted world history because it was the end of a strong kingdom in Africa.


Dante Writes Divine Comedy in Italy

1310 CE - 1311 CE

Donatello Sculpts David

1430 - 1440

Printing Press Invented; Renaissance Begin

1439 CE - 1440 CE

This impacts world history because this was the beginning of the spread of literature. Many people could read and write. This was also the time of the rebirth of art.

Drawing Technique Invented

1470 CE - 1471 CE

This impacted world history because it was when people started to make their art have better value and perspective. This was the rebirth of art.

Leonardo DaVinci Dissects Cadavers

1489 CE - 1519 CE

Michelangelo Sculpts La Pieta

1501 CE - 1502 CE

Leonardo Da Vinci Paints Mona Lisa

1503 CE - 1504 CE

Raphael Paints School of Athens

1510 CE - 1511 CE

Shakespheare Born & Writes Play Macbeth

1564 CE - 1565 CE

Galileo Provides evidence for Heliocentricity & Put on Trial by Church

1610 CE - 1611 CE

Don Quixote Written in Spain

1614 CE - 1615 CE

William Harvey Discovers the Heart Pumps Blood

1628 CE - 1629 CE

Isaac Newton Discovers Gravity

1687 CE - 1688 CE


Martin Luther Nails 95 Theses & Protestant Reformation Begins

1517 CE - 1518 CE

King Henry VIII Excommunicated & Start Anglican Church

1531 CE - 1532 CE

John Calvin Finds Calvinist Church

1536 CE - 1537 CE

Catholic Church Holds Council of Trent and Counterreformation

1545 CE - 1563 CE

Age of Exploration

Aztecs Domesticate Maize

2500 BCE - 2499 BCE

Invention of Astrolabe

1050 AD - 1051 AD

Aztecs Invent Chocolate

1200 CE - 1201 CE

Aztec City of Tenochtitlan Found

1325 CE - 1326 CE

Constantinople Falls to Ottoman & Route to China is blocked

1453 CE - 1454 CE

Search For Route to China

1453 CE - 1454 CE

Christopher Columbus Travel to Americas

1492 CE - 1493 CE

Columbus Returns to Island of Espanola in Search for 3 G's

1493 CE - 1494 CE

Indigenous People Killed By Smallpox

1507 CE - 1508 CE

Spanish Leader Cortes and Aztec King meet

1519 CE - 1521 CE

Spanish Try to convert and decimate the Aztecs

1519 CE - 1521 CE

Triangle Trade

Atlantic Slave trade Begins (Triangle Trade)

1600 CE - 1601 CE

Atlantic Slave Trade Ends

1807 CE - 1808 CE

13th Amendment Passed

1865 CE - 1866 CE


Age of Enlightenment

1650 CE - 1804 CE

Thomas Hobbes Writes Leviathon

1651 CE - 1652 CE

John Locke publish 2nd treatise

1689 CE - 1690 CE

Montesquieu Write Spirit of Laws

1748 CE - 1749 CE

Rousseau Writes Treatise on Social Contract

1762 CE - 1763 CE

Voltaire Invents the idea of Civil liberties

1763 CE - 1764 CE

French and American Revolutions

British Parliament Pass Stamp Act

1765 CE - 1766 CE

British Government Pass Tea Act

1773 CE - 1774 CE

Louis VXI Rules as Absolute Monarch of France

1774 CE - 1789 CE

War breaks between British and American Colonies

1775 CE - 1776 CE

Declaration of Independence Written by Thomas Jefferson

1776 CE - 1777 CE

American Revolutionary War Ends

1783 CE - 1784 CE

US Constitution Written

1787 CE - 1788 CE

Bill of Rights Added To The Constitution

1789 CE - 1790 CE

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

1789 CE - 1790 CE

Storming of The Bastille

1789 CE - 1790 CE

French Revolution Begins

1789 CE - 1790 CE

Burke and Paine disagree about French Revolution

1790 CE - 1791 CE

King Louis XVI Executed & France becomes Republic

1792 CE - 1793 CE

Robespierre Leads Reign of Terror

1793 CE - 1794 CE

Napoleon Come to Power & Restore Peace; Napoleonic Code Written

1804 CE - 1805 CE

Industrial Revolution

Seed Drill Invented

1701 CE - 1702 CE

Industrial Revolution Begin

1750 CE - 1751 CE

Enclosure Acts

1750 CE - 1860 CE

Factory System Begins

1750 CE - 1751 CE

Steam Engine Invented By Watt

1763 CE - 1764 CE

Factory Acts Passed in England to Limit Work

1803 CE - 1804 CE

Strong, Flexible Steel Developed

1856 CE - 1857 CE

Industrial Revolution Ends

1914 CE - 1915 CE

Modern Connections

European Imperialism in Africa Begins

1880 CE - 1881 CE

Scopes Trial- John Scopes Violates Butler Act

1925 CE - 1926 CE

Rwanda Gains Independence from Belgium Imperialist

1932 CE - 1933 CE

First Israel/ Palestinian Conflict

1948 CE - 1949 CE

UN Genocide Convention after Holocaust

1948 CE - 1949 CE

Israel Founded

1948 CE - 1949 CE

Space Race Begins

1957 CE - 1958 CE

Soviet Union Lauches 1st Satellite in Space (Sputnick)

1957 CE - 1958 CE

President Eisenhower makes Sputnik Speech Warning about Military

1957 CE - 1958 CE

Butler Act Overturned

1967 CE - 1968 CE

US land 1st Man on Moon

1969 CE - 1970 CE


1970 CE - 2012 CE

Nixon Watergate Scandal Breaks Out

1972 CE - 1973 CE

Nixon is Forced to Resign

1974 CE - 1975 CE

Hutu Power Begins Genocide of Tutsis

1994 CE - 1995 CE

Paul Kagame Rises To Power & Genocide Ends

1994 CE - 1995 CE

Romeo Dallaire Goes to Rwanda to Try Stop Genocide But Unsuccessful

1994 CE - 1995 CE

President Clinton Hosts Camp David Peace Talks for Israeli & Palestine

2000 CE - 2001 CE

Rover Lands on Mars

2004 CE - 2005 CE