Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

a timeline from birth to marrying JFK.



July 28, 1929

A timeline of Jackie.

July 28, 1929 - May 19, 1994

Sister Caroline Lee Born

March 3, 1933

Wins Blue Ribbon at East Hampton Horse Show


she also showed dogs and won many awards.

Parents Divorce


Janet Lee Bouvier was granted seperation from John "Black Jack" Bouvier a few years prior. He drank heavily and was known for being a womanizer and playboy. A photographer took a picture of him holding a girlfriend's hand instead of his wife's. That was Janet's final straw.

Mother Janet remarries to Hugh Auchincloss


Jackie moves to Merrywood, Virginia to live. Her parents battled over her custody and love.

Enrolls at Miss Porter's School


Jackie made excellent grades, accelled in latin and loved to smoke cigarettes.

Named Debutante of the Year


also enrolls at the prestegious Vassar.

Studies at the Sorbonne


She was an exchange student in France. She loved it and was fluent in French, Spanish, and Italian as well.

Wins Vogue's Prix de Paris writing congress


her parents feared she would never return, so they coerced her to forfeit the prize and sent her and her sister Lee on a European tour together. It was her most "carefree" year. This year she also met Senator John F. Kennedy through a friend.

Graduates from George Washington University


Engaged to John Husted

January 1952 - March 1952

Inquiring Camera Girl for "Washington Times-Herold"


Announces Engagement to JFK

June 23, 1953

"Jack" and "Jackie" Marry

September 12, 1953

Jackie's mother picked out her gown- last minute. Jackie hated it because she thought it resembled a lampshade. Her own dress was destroyed by flood in the dress store's basement 4 days before the wedding.