First They Killed My Father


Phnom Penh

April 1975

Loung Ung lived in Phnom Penh village with her middle class family

Takeover/Evacuation/Seven Days Walk

April 17, 1975

Khmer Rogue soldiers invaded the village and the family safely escaped

Walked seven days to reach a village

Krang Truop

April 25, 1975

Settled in the village Krand Truop with Loung's uncles help

Waiting Station

July 1975

Waited in the waiting station to move to another village


July 1975

Lung family's new village

Ro Leap/Labor Camp

November 1975 - January 1976

Forced to move to Ro Leap village. All colorful clothes were burned

Starved from food ration but worked 12hours a day


August 1976

Keav passed away in a hospital from food poisoning


December 1976

Pa follows two Khmer soldiers and never came back

Leaving home

May 1977

Loung left Ma and Geak behind and left the Ro leap village

Child soldiers

Aug 1977

Loung got promoted to a camp where they train children soldiers

The Last Gathering

May 1978

Met Ma, Geak, Meng, Chou, and Kim for the last time in a hospital

The Wall Crumbles

November 1978

Loung heard that her mom and younger sister were missing

The first foster family

January 1979

Loung, Meng, and Kim met their first family to foster

The Youn Invasion

January 1979

The Youns invaded Cambodia to help from the Khmer Rogue

Khmer Rogue Attack

February 1979

Khmer Rouge soldiers attacked during the middle of the night, killing one girl

Back to Bat Deng

April 1979

Loung, Meng, Kim, and Chou returned to the uncle’s village where they started selling foods to keep up living

From Cambodia to Vietnam

October 1979

Chou and Loung went to Vietnam by a boat, to live to go to America

Lam Sing Refugee Camp

February 1980

Loung finally got a sponsor to sponsor to study and live in America