Chapter 6 Section 2


Townshend Act

1767 - 1770

A tax on lead, glass, paper, paint, and tea.

Boston Massacre

March 5 1770 - March 6 1770

A protest of everything that has happened to them.

Repeal of Tonshend Act

March 5, 1770 - March 6, 1770

Parliament decided to repeal the Townshend Act when the Boston Massacre happened.

Tea Act

1773 - 1776

The British repealed the Townshend act, but they left a tax on tea. They can only buy tea from one tea company, The British East India Company.

The Boston Tea Party

December 16 1773

Colonist won't pay the tax on the tea & tell them to leave. The Sons of Liberty members dress up as Indians & dumped all of the tea into the Boston Harbor.

Intolerable Acts


A series of different laws that effected mainly Massachusetts.

1st Continental Congress

September 1774

First time all colonies (except for Georgia) came together to rebel against the British. They boycotted all British trade.

The Revolution Began

April 19 1775

2nd Continental Congress

May 10 1775

The FIRST government in the U.S.

-Continental Army
-printing money

Battle of Bunker Hill

June 1775

The militia stood up to the British. The colonies lose because they run out of ammo.

The Olive Branch Petition

July 1775 - September 1775

A letter to King George from all of the people at the 2nd Continental Congress. It says if you back off all of the policies and taxes, we will quit fighting you.

Common Sense


Written by Thomas Payne and it says to declare independence from the English. This influenced the Continental Congress to write the Declaration of Independence.

Declaration of Independance

June 1776

This was when the Declaration of Independence was written.

Declaration of Independence passed

July 4 1776

This was when the Declaration was passed.