History of money

History of money

This is the history of money I researched on.


50,000 BC

Barter is a thing which started tens of thousands of years ago.People trade things and goods, which sometimes is only what they have. People sometimes may be even forced to barter.This innovative technique is never- ending, or at least most of us think of it that way.


9,000 BC - 6,000 BC

Cows, sheep, camels, goats, buffaloes etc. are all cattle. In this period of time, cattle was an evolution of money.

Cowrie shells

1,200 BC - 1,000 BC

These shells found in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Oceans were then found in China and used as money.

Metal money and coins

1,000 BC - 500 BC

At the end of stone age in China, copper and bronze was used as money . This was all made by the Chinese. We still use coins for our currency, but these coins were very old. They had holes in them like you could tie something around them.

Modern coins

500 BC

These are the modern coins forged with silver outside of China. Like we have Abraham Lincolns in notes, people at that time stamped Gods. Other Empires renovated these coins.

Cowrie Shells

01/01/1900 - 12/31/1950

These shells were again used in Africa for sometime for their money.

Timeline Created


This is when the timeline was created [ I created this for the bibliography]