Industrialization of America


Someone with an idea to make something easier for life.

George Pullmann


George Pullmann invented the most crucial elements to traveling by train, the Pullmann Cars. Pullmann Cars were train cars with a specific purpose such as the Sleeping Car, the Kitchen/Dining Car and the Bathroom Car.

Thomas Edison


Thomas Edison was an amazing inventor. He invented products such as the Light Bulb, Phonograph and hundreds of other things. He even jump started the Movie Industry.

Captains of Industry

Someone who owns a vast majority of a particular Industry

Andrew Carnigee


He was the Captain of the Steel Industry. He was worth Millions, but before his death, he gave all his money away to produce libraries and schools all across the United States.

John D. Rockefeller


John D. Rockefeller controlled 95% of the Oil Refinery Industry. He was valued at over 70 million dollars; these days that would be over 600 Billion dollars.


Group of workers who fight for better wages, better hours, and better working conditions.

The Knights of Labor


The Knights of Labor Union was founded by Terence Powderly. They were against strikes and urged both unskilled and skilled workers to join.

The American Federation of Labor


The American Federation of Labor was originally founded by Samuel Gompers. They had a mindset that strikes really worked, even though they always ended with extreme amounts of violence and the Government always sided with the big business. They also believed that only skilled workers should be able to join the Union.

Labor Disputes or Strikes

The Gaymarket Riot


The Gaymarket Riot was orchestrated by a socialist.

The Pullman Strike


Most Pullman Car workers were forced to live in a Pullman Workers Community with high living expenses so most workers were barely pulling in a profit for themselves. So over 4000 workers began a strike.

Immigration Changing America

When Immigration Changed in America


Immigrants from East Europe and West Europe, China, and many other parts of the world came to America expecting a better life. They came through either the Ellis Island or Angel Island stations. Most worked factory jobs that required almost no skill. This helped Industrialization in America a lot.