Poland Invasion

This time line is about the invasion of Poland and the start of WW2


WW2 begins

September 1, 1939

WW2 begins with the Nazi Germany party invading Poland

Poland Forces Surrender to 10th Army

September 2, 1939

Polish forces at Wieluń surrender to the German 10th Army.

Polish Propose Attack

September 3, 1939

The Polish Poznań Army proposes an attack against the German 8th Army. The German flank is exposed, but the proposal is rejected.

Battle of Mława concludes

September 4, 1939

The Battle of Mława concludes as the Polish Modlin Army begins to retreat.

Polish Forces Surrender to 10th Army

September 5, 1939

Polish forces around Piotrków surrender to the 10th Army.

Polish Forces Regroup

September 6, 1939

Polish forces regroup along the Narew, Vistula, and San Rivers. Kraków falls to the German 14th Army.

The Siege of Westerplatte Concludes

September 7, 1939

The siege of Westerplatte concludes with the surrender of its remaining garrison. Polish supreme command relocates to Brześć from Warsaw. Defenses along the Narew begin withdrawal to the Bug River. Tarnów falls to the 14th Army.

The Siege of Warsaw begins

September 8, 2012

The Siege of Warsaw begins the land phase with the arrival of German units in the suburbs. The air bombardment had begun at the start of the Campaign. The pocket at Radom is reduced by the 14th Army.